From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Word From Joe!

I asked for it— and I got it: a word (and then some) both via email and telephone from none other than Assemblyman Joseph Lentol regarding the recent turn of events regarding Vito Lopez. Without further ado here it the first (as authored this morning, August 30th at 12:30 a.m.!):

Let me be clear, Heather:I do not condone sexual harassment or sexual abuse by anyone. Since Friday when information about Vito Lopez’s problems became public I have spoken to many current and former members of the NYS Legislature, Democratic Party officials, dozens of constituents, Assembly attorneys and the press about the situation. To learn my reaction and views you can phone, stop at my office or email. You know I always reply. I do not always see everyone’s blog, but someone sent me yours tonight.

I’ve not been silent about the findings of sexual harassment committed by Vito, whose constituents can turn him out of office if he does not resign. Only the Wall Street Journal included one of my statements in one of its articles today. Adding a press release to all the others that have been issued is superfluous. Instead I will work to help tighten the Assembly procedures to make it faster & easier to make a complaint. Most important, however, are efforts to curtail sexual harassment in every workplace. And that’s where our efforts need to be placed.

So there have you— and thanks, Joe!

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