Williamsburg Photos Du Jour: Blue Chip Bloomblight

This vision (which hails from Hooper Street and Borinquen Place— its address per the Department of Buildings is 395 Hooper Street lest anyone is curious) is without argument one of the finest examples of Bloomblight yours truly has ever encountered. Not surprisingly it has a standing Stop Work Order. I would hazard to say that the owner of this property has, in fact, obeyed it. Perhaps a little too well. In any case, it bears all the characteristics I have come to expect from a derelict construction site (and I can assure you, gentle readers, yours truly has grown to be quite picky— this is because I have a vast selection from which to choose). To name a few:

  1. A collapsed construction fence
  2. Ample amounts of detritus
  3. Signs of habitation (I confess I am quite envious of the office chairs— but not so much so as to venture in and take one)
  4. Graffiti (Amusingly enough, the piece by $howta is arguably its only redeeming quality.) And my personal favorite…
  5. an inspired, if futile, use of “Caution” tape.

Truly magnificent, I must say. I suppose it will come as a surprise to no one that recently a complaint was filed regarding this property.

It’ll be interesting to see if/when any action will be taken. Hopefully this blog post will help serve to push things forward. Otherwise (and one a somewhat related note) I have at long last posted some updates regarding my snow globe project. These you can see here. Methinks this bad boy just made it to the list…

Found On The Southside

April 7, 2009 ·
Filed under: Street Art, Urban Artifact, Williamsburg 

Whenever I want to see something that makes me scratch my head and wonder:

What the fuck?

I head over to the Southside. It is not my intent to sound like I putting this great neighborhood down: nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn only this bit of 11211 straddling the BQE even comes close to some of the oddities I find here in Greenpoint. And on that note follows is something I encountered at the junction of Borinquen Place, South 1st Street and Grand Street recently. I would presume it to be an art work of some kind. Or some hitherto unknown pagan deity. Who knows? Life is mysterious.


Here is a view of its head. If you ask me it resembles Homer Simpson crossed with Mr. Peanut.* On acid.


Here is a frontal view. As you can see our little fella has rather protuberant buttocks. Astroturf appears to have been employed as well. Speaking as someone who once was both a teaching fellow and teaching assistant I have to admit nothing like this ever found its way into my classroom. It’s a shame, really. Had some fresh-faced student proffered up something like this I probably would have had a lot more interest in teaching. So it goes.

In any case if this item tickles your fancy (or you’re looking for a gift for that hard-to-shop-for person) better get down there fast. I doubt this urban artifact will be without a home for long.

Miss Heather

*And bears more than a passing resemblance to the following, which is located on Metropolitan Avenue.


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