Southside Street Art Du Jour: Over Under

January 24, 2011 ·
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Taken January 23, 2011.

Miss Heather

Crosstown Local Photo Du Jour: ENOUGH!

Not content with sending forth an army of canvassers to troll north Brooklyn on Sunday evenings to hit unsuspecting citizen’s buzzers, spewing forth enough printed material to leave a carbon footprint the size of Texas and— lest we forget— there are the never-ending television commercials; Mayor Mike has taken the good news about his run for a third term to the G train. En Espanol, no less.


For the love of god, make it stop.

Miss Heather

P.S.: The more eagle-eyed among you might recognize where this photograph of Michael Bloomberg being warm and fuzzy with the peasantry was taken. If not, I’ll tell you: Keap Street at South 3rd Street in Williamsburg. This intersection is located not too far from the infamous “Broadway Triangle”. (Insert irony points here.)

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