Live From “Stand Up! Speak Out!” Part II: And The Rest…

As promised here is the remainder of my footage from last night’s event.

PART IX: Carlos Menchaca of Councilwoman Quinn’s office, a respresentative of Councilwoman Reyna’s office and Marianne of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center speaks

  •  Brooklyn, at long last, will be getting its very own Pride Center!

PART X: The Pastor of the Church of the Messiah and Rebecca White, a Representative of the Green Party, speaks

  • Miss White brings up Right Rides. Those of you who do not know what this is should click here and find out!

PART XI: Community Board 1 member Tom Burrows outlines public forums where people can speak up, a citizen speaks

  • Mr. Burrows offers yours truly the mike. I decline (Hey, I’m filming this!)— but suggest he outline what people should do if/when they lodge a complaint via 311
  • 311 is for non-emergencies only
  • It is noted by one very observant attendee that someone who assaults someone at 5:00 a.m. in the morning is probably not attending church. Thus sermons preaching tolerance will probably not be effective.

 PART XII: A representative of Support New York speaks

It was at this point, gentle readers, I headed home. But not before making a recommendation to Mr. Burrows and Lincoln Restler: that a community group/list-serve be created (Yahoo? Facebook? Google+?) where businesses, citizens and our electeds can have a frank and open forum to discuss issues pertaining to the LBGTQ community and get to know each other— on their schedule.  Thoughts, anyone?

Miss Heather

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