From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part I: Street Justice On McGuinness Boulevard?

The above item comes courtesy of Jay Lombard, who writes:

You should check out this car on McG near Norman. Parked next to PS 34 for weeks (wish I had taken a photo from late Feb for comparison). It has the usual dirt and grime from being parked on the Boulevard for an extended period PLUS our neighbors have seen fit to adorn it with:
1) contents of litter box. Note the clump factor
2) shriveled banana peel
3) remnants of at least two notes requesting removal. Possibly by the principal of the adjacent school?

Besides occupying a prime parking spot in a neighborhood where parking is scarce this vehicle prevents the street from being cleaned (Sweeper operators have left a noticeable trail from repeatedly swerving around it), is an eyesore and, now, is beginning to stink. I’ve placed a call to 311 to report an abandoned car with NH plates. How long until it gets removed and what other items pile on top of it while it sits there are anyone’s guess.

WOW. Methinks I will have to pay this al fresco litter box a visit!

Miss Heather


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