Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Mixology

It is a little known fact that yours truly has tried— and to date, failed— to create a cocktail honoring the Seine of north Brooklyn. Yes, I am talking about none other than Newtown Creek. What has kept holding me back is how to make such a concoction chartreuse in hue. Sure, absinthe would do in a pinch but that struck me as being too “up-market”.

I am pleased to announce that thanks to the magical place that is Manhattan Avenue I have had a break-through! Wanna make a “Newtown Creek”, cocktailians? I will show you the way:

  • Take one four quart container of Peak brand anti-freeze.
  • Add one pint of Pride & Clark brand vodka.
  • Shake (don’t stir stir)
  • Garnish with one Coney Island whitefish*

And *presto*, you’re ready to go…

to Woodhull, that is.

Miss Heather

*A used tampon or tampon applicator is also acceptable.

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