From The New York Shitty Inbox: Compostoberfest

If there is one thing yours truly does not possess, it is a green thumb. For this reason I leave all things green to the experts. In this case “Typing Wermz” who, despite being bereft of a thumb— be it green or otherwise (or fingers for that matter)— were kind enough to bring this event to my attention. He/she/they (?) write:

Hello composters!

We are coming out of the woodwork for a fun educational event this weekend. In partnership with GrowNYC and the Newtown Creek Alliance Compost Workgroup, we will be diverting part of the Saturday haul from the Greenmarket compost collection in McCarren and mixing up a special batch of compost at our site.

Come learn about existing citywide compost initiatives!
Come learn about compost cooking!
Come get some hands-on experience at North Brooklyn Compost Project!


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