From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Another Cyclist Struck?

July 16, 2012 ·
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A fellow named Jim (who took the above photograph) writes in an email entitled “Cyclist Struck on Driggs/Graham”:

Cyclist had just crossed McGuinness (with the light). I noticed her bike with the flowers on the basket. I was crossing the other direction, so I heard the crash, but didn’t see it. The cyclist appeared to be in good shape afterwards. She was sitting on the curb talking to a man who had come to her aid. I only got a picture about two minutes after the impact, timestamp on the photo is 9:04. Ambulance was there by 9:06, and the NYPD removed the bicycle about 45 minutes later. Maybe someone else will know more?

Given this thoroughfare’s distinction as the deadliest in Kings County, this woman was very, VERY lucky. Still, enough is enough.

UPDATE, 7/17/2012: Here’s the 411 from the lady involved in this accident. It’s pretty scary stuff,

hey heather. yeah that was me.. i have a fractured fibula, some bruises and road rash it WAS scary as hell. i was on my way to work. riding cautiously as always.. got to graham and driggs looked to my right at that off shoot from mc guiness to see a car coming.. i thought holy shit he’s not gonna stop let alone slow down, i’m fucked. next thing i know i’m flying in the air, landed on his car (not sure if it was the hood or the trunk, couldn’t see, only felt the thunk) and i bounced off into the street. it’s a miracle that i didn’t hit my head and i’m not dead. and my injuries are minor compared to the intensity of the hit.he was probably going 20mph. he broadsided me, hardly a graze!(i didn’t have a helmet, but i’m getting one now) that’s it in a scary nutshell. now i just have to deal with the insurance company and but i have a lawyer..

NOTE: The motorist involved in this incident was not cited.

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