Spotted At 239 Banker Street: Signs Of Life

July 12, 2011 ·
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Despite its rather drab appearance Banker Street is proving to be rather lively of late. Yesterday I observed that 259 is in the process of being reverted (back) to an “eating and drinking establishment”. This is a development which undoubtedly bring its neighbors (especially those familiar with Studio B) much joy. Well folks, the fun doesn’t stop there! If the above footage (which was shot July 10th) is any indication, it would appear that someone has taken residence next door at 239 which, as some of you might recall, was vacated by the Department of Buildings almost two years ago for conditions imminently perilous to human life.

This is in and of itself quite interesting. It gets even more so when one considers:

1. A group of residents who were evacuated from this buildings have filed a class action suit to get their security deposits back.

2. The owner of this property (fairly) recently tried— and failed— to get it re-classified as residential.

To be continued…?

Miss Heather

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