From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Dolphin Swims In Newtown Creek?

Yes, I too found this unbelievable but here it is.

A woman by the name of Ann Fraioli, a teacher at The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, took the above photograph (which I have taken the liberty of cropping*) today, March 3, 2010. She writes:

We were down at Newtown Creek this morning checking out a site for an upcoming Harbor Class cycle.  We spotted a dorsal fin in the distance.  Sure enough, it was a dolphin making its way up the Creek.  We got to see it from about 15 feet away!  We tried to get him to turn around, but alas he was headed up the Creek into the muck.  Hopefully, he’ll think better of it all and turn around…

Christine Murray (who I would like to thank for forwarding this material to me) opines:

Is this a sign that the end of the world is approaching?

I wouldn’t rule it out. All I’m saying is I have had THIS stuck in my head all afternoon!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 10:55 p.m.: here are some pix courtesy of Laura Hofmann to give you an idea of what our flippered friend was frolicking in.


*You can see Ms. Frailioli’s original uncropped photo in full size by clicking here.

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