From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part III: A Message From El Puente

Today yours truly had the pleasure of bumping into a member of our local Community Board: a very nice fellow named Esteban Duran. He wanted to bring the following to my (and therefore your) attention. Greenpoint homeowners and business owners whose premises were flooded courtesy of Sandy please take note: this is a service you will undoubtedly find of interest. Mr. Duran writes:

Hey Heather! Good seeing you today. Here’s the blurb about the EPA:

“Do you live close to the Newtown Creek and had a flooded basement or home during Hurricane Sandy? The EPA is on standby to test your home or business for potential toxins brought in by contaminated water. Even if the water has receded, please let the El Puente Green Light District know and we can try to get a team out to test your home or business. Email greenlightdistrict (at) elpuente (dot) us or call Anusha at (347) 532-2809.

Thanks Esteban!

UPDATE, November 7, 2012: Anusha writes:

Just one update! We hear that only homes may be tested by the EPA at this point….

LAST GASP: Good Day New York

When I heard my buddy Laura was going to be on Good Day New York I was really excited for her. Naturally she was very nervous— but as you can see she did just fine. You go, girl!

Miss Heather

TOMORROW: Public Information Session Regarding Newtown Creek Superfund


Tomorrow, December 8, starting at 6:00 p.m. at our very own Automotive High School the Mayor’s office will be conducting a public information meeting regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to designate Newtown Creek as a superfund site. Among the items on the agenda for this public forum are a presentation and “question and answer” session.

Having been to such gatherings before, I prognosticate that one or two agitators/community cranks will show up, shout irrelevant/impertinent gibberish and generally annoy the piss out everyone else in attendance. I have seen this happen before and I see no reason why it will not happen this time around. Suffice it to say, dear readers, you can probably anticipate an evening that is both informative and entertaining.

Public Information Session
December 8, 2009 starting at 6:00 p.m.
Automotive High School
50 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

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