From The New York Shitty Inbox: Lose Something?

December 7, 2011 ·
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Jay Lombard writes of the above items:

There’s a knitter out there who is really upset right now…
I’ve attached photos of what I found this morning on Manhattan Ave near Nassau — it must have fallen out of someone’s bag. It was soaked from all the rain and someone was about to toss it in the trash. I stopped that person from doing so and brought the yarn, needles and partially completed project home with me. Looks like a LOT of work has gone in to it already and I would really like to return it to the owner/creator. Would you please post on your site? Thank you!

Done! If this project belongs to you, please contact Jay via email at jay (dot) lombard (at) gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE, December 13, 2011: This has been returned to its rightful owner/creator. Yay!

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