New York Shitty Slide Show Du Jour: Underneath The Greenpoint Hospital

(Or more accurately: its Outpatient Annex.)

As I mentioned in this post the folks at St. Nick’s are having an open call for artists. Well, as promised today I took a tour of the space they are converting into an art and performance space. All things said it is very much a work in progress. Having just completed asbestos abatement, they can now move forward finishing the space. This is not to suggest that one cannot see the potential: you can. The main area would be perfect as a performance or installation space, to cite just one example. In addition, it was really neat to poke around the labyrinth of rooms, closets and antechambers in their pre-rehabilitated state. If you are into urban decay you are going to love this photo set. Enjoy!

Anyone interested in proposing an on-site installation or performance, wants to submit work for their open call or simply has questions about this space should contact Laura McLelland @ lmclelland (at) stnicksalliance (dot) org. Oh yeah, be sure to read the submission specs and requirements first!

Miss Heather

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