Live From Greenpoint: The U.S.S. Monitor Parade!

January 29, 2012 ·
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After the ceremony

Civil Awar meets digital

On The Waterfront

Llamas and gas tanks

As the presence of llamas would suggest, today’s U.S.S. Monitor-related merrymaking had more than a few surprises. Excellent speeches were given by all; but I was especially fond of the ones given by our City Councilman, Steve Levin, and our 50th District Democratic State Committeeman Lincoln Restler. The llamas, on the other hand, seemed non-plussed by this, the unanticipated shower at the behest of a FDNY boat and the rifle salute which concluded today’s ceremony. Without further ado here is footage from today’s parade and the following ceremony at the site of the much-anticipated Greenpoint Monitor Museum on Bushwick Inlet.

The Parade Begins!

Parade On Manhattan Avenue

Ceremony, Part I: General Introduction

Ceremony, Part II: Flag Raising

Ceremony, Part III: Steve Levin Speaks

Ceremony, Part IV: Various Speakers

Ceremony, Part V: Lincoln Restler Speaks

Ceremony, Part VI: Lining Up

Ceremony, Part VII: Rifle Salute!

Wrapping things up, here is a slideshow of highlights from today’s proceedings. Enjoy!

New York Shitty Day Ender: Live From Bushwick Inlet

October 1, 2011 ·
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The weather was hardly hospitable— but who would I be to complain? I had an absolute ball! I got to meet some really amazing men and women and view interesting artifacts inside a metal storage container while riding out the storm! What’s more— and as one chap stated— this was quite authentic given what we were commemorating. I mean, this IS the U.S.S. Monitor we’re talking about after all! Without further ado here is some footage from today’s proceedings. Enjoy!

The Raising Of The Flag

The Unveiling Of The Sign (featuring none other than Assemblyman Joe Lentol)

A Little Music Afterward

You can view a larger image of the newly unveiled sign by clicking here.

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