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Greenpoint The Transition

I have seen these posters hereabouts as well as the East Village. Given I answered “Yes” to most of these questions, naturally I feel compelled to pass it along. Per the web site listed on the above-depicted poster:

Why Greenpoint?

Greenpoint is the northernmost part of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Before colonization it was covered with forests, orchards, and meadows. In the nineteenth century its character changed from agricultural to industrial. In the twentieth century Greenpoint became very popular among Polish immigrants. It even got the nickname “Little Poland”. In 2010 43,6% of Greenpoint inhabitants were Polish.

But this neighborhood has changed drastically over last several years. It is still transitioning and people are anxious about the direction of the changes and Greenpoint’s future as a Polish neighborhood.

What can be done to preserve its Polish character and at the same time keep it open and friendly to new residents, whatever their ancestry is?

As an organization that realizes urban, educational, and cultural activities we think that these types of activities are the key to keeping the neighborhood attractive to both Poles that seeks a connection to their homeland as well as all New Yorkers interested in a valuable cultural experiences.

Greenpoint. The Transition is an effort to redefine Greenpoint’s “Polishness” in the context of changes that are happening right now in this part of New York City. Instead of thinking about ethnicity we emphasize the cultural and artistic values that it carries. We are convinced that this understanding of “Polishness” can become Greenpoint’s trademark, regardless of any political or economic factors.

Greenpoint. The Transition is realized in cooperation with the Brooklyn Public Library in Greenpoint, Opportunity Music Project, Videology, and Focusing Lab.

The project is co-financed from the funds granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the competition for the public task “Cooperation with Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad.”

Those of you who found yourselves saying the same can get more information about this series of events by clicking here. NOTE: Some will be workshops will be conducted in Polish only so it is best to check their detailed program for more information for more information. Seats for all these events (which are totally free) are limited— so get your RSVP on. The deadline is April 30th!

UPDATE, 7:45 pm: I sent an email to the lady listed on this poster, Marta Pawlaczek :


I spied one of your posters while knocking around the East Village today (which is kind of funny given I live in Greenpoint— have for 14 years). I gave a very brief shout-out on my site this evening. I made sure to note that some workshops were going to be conducted exclusively in Polish. Would you be kind enough to outline some that are in English so I can pass them along?

On a purely selfish note, my husband and I would love to check a few of these out (he’s interested in the board games— ESPECIALLY the Battle of Grunwald). Speaking for myself, I am of more of an artistic bent— and would LOVE to know of any historical/art workshops I can attend (in English).

And she (despite being in Poland presently) got right back to me!

Hello Heather!

Thank you so much for your interest in the program and sharing the info on your website – it looks great!

If you would like to send out some emails etc, I attached the press release and the detailed program in English and participation form, also pasted the short info in the body of an email, some people just do not like open the attachments.

I would recommend photographic workshops if thats something that does or might interest you, the leader is definately great person and photographer – the plan is to make photos of Greenpoint at the end and create a exhibition, that would be available during block party and at the library.

I can definitely reserve a spot for your husband at the Board Games workshops – and I would recommend it for you as well, if the history of Poland interests you – the board games that would be used are created by The Institute of National Remembrance – so there were a lots of historians working on it, making sure its accurate and fun, and the lady that will lead those has a great knowledge of history, so I know it will be very interesting.

Would you send me the application forms with all the data? You can download them here:

I am at this moment in Poland, but I am back in NYC on the 22nd of April, if you would have more questions, feel free to call me or write.

The phone number on posters is OK for now to call too, if people want to sign up – a colleague is picking up them for now – just letting you know that its totally OK to call that number to sign up.

Best regards!


You can view all the material she forwarded me in jpeg format by clicking here!

Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Muralists (Or Muralistas) Wanted

January 19, 2013 ·
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The above-depicted flier (which can be found in the door of Photoplay) caught my eye today while I was out running errands. This is a wonderful opportunity for artists to get their work seen and beautify a building which, quite frankly, is NOT easy on the eyes.* Those who are interested in learning more about this project or helping our local library thrive should contact the Friend of Greenpoint Library group via email at: friendsofgreenpointlibrary (at) googlegroups (dot) com. Spread the word!

*Especially when compared to the building which used to grace this site:


From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Call For New Members!

October 19, 2011 ·
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This item comes courtesy of the folks at our very own public library! Here’s the 411 per their press release:


Friends of Greenpoint Library Meeting
Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
at Greenpoint Branch Public Library
107 Norman Avenue, at Leonard St.
Brooklyn NY


Friends of Greenpoint Library

Who We Are: Friends of Greenpoint Library began in 2008 as a group of neighborhood volunteers who wanted to create a voice for the local library, and to advocate for literacy in the community. From these humble beginnings, the group started their own branch Friends group and has expanded out to community members and become the most active Friends group in the Brooklyn Public Library system. We are deeply committed to improving the quality of life in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and firmly believe that libraries and literacy are central to the civic life of our neighborhood community.

Event Details: The Friends of Greenpoint Library are looking for new members. We are a volunteer run, library advocacy group, and are active in the neighborhood. Our central goals are to:

Raise their community’s awareness and enthusiasm about the local library

Promote the local library’s resources and programs in the neighborhood

Keep local officials aware of the library’s importance to the communities they represent

Raise funds to enhance neighborhood library service.

Friends do everything from letter writing and making legislative visits to sponsoring library events; from planting gardens to organizing bake, craft and toy sales to musical performances for both children and adults. Just a little of your time can make a big difference for our community!

Those of you who are interested in joining this wonderful effort— or simply want more information— can contact the folks behind this endeavor via email at thefriendsofgreenpointlibrary (at) gmail (dot) com or check out their Facebook page!

Friends of Greenpoint Library Meeting
Wednesday, November 2, 2011; 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The Greenpoint Public Library
107 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

From The New York Shitty Inbox: An Easy Way To Help Our Local Library

This item comes from a lady named Meg. She writes:

Hi Heather,

I’m one of the volunteers for the Greenpoint Friends Group.  You’ve been such a big supporter of the Greenpoint Library and the Greenpoint Friends Group, I was hoping you could spread the word about the opportunity to donate money to the group at Buffalo Exchange with their “Tokens for Bags” program.  If you don’t take a bag for your purchase, you get a token to to donate 5 cents towards a choice of charities.  And right now the Greenpoint Friends Group is one of the charities!

This is very good news indeed!

Buffalo Exchange
594 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Miss Heather


July 30, 2010 ·
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Many of the people reading this are probably aware that yours truly loves to read. In fact, it has become a bit of a problem: my house is overflowing with books! I am also a big fan of anything that benefits our local library. For these reasons (and more) I feel compelled to pass along that tomorrow, July 31st, Word Books will be having a book swap! Here’s the 411 per their web site:

Hey, we know you have too many books. It’s a common problem around these parts. But you still want more books. Because books are fantastic. And also you love libraries. Whatever can you do?

You can attend our first-ever book swap this Saturday, 7/31, from noon to 4pm!

As part of the Greenpoint Business Association’s Last Saturdays of Summer promotion, we’ll be hosting a book swap outside (if weather permits; if not, we’ll take it into our basement). Here’s the deal:

  • Bring up to five books
  • Take up to five books
  • Leave a suggested donation of $1 per book

All donated money will go directly to the Greenpoint Public Library, the better to help them when the re-open after their renovations are complete.

So spread the word! Especially amongst your friends with great book collections. If this one goes well, we will definitely have more in the future.

Book Swap
July 31, 2010 Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Word Books
126 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

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