From The New York Shitty Inbox: Toys R Us

August 7, 2010 ·
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This item comes courtesy of a lady named Sarah. She writes:


I just found out yesterday that ToysRUs is opening a pop-up shop on the corner of Manhattan Ave and Milton, just 3 blocks away from the Greenpoint Toy Store that has been in the neighborhood for almost 30 years. Herman and Nancy who own Greenpoint Toy Store run it with all their heart, order things specially for kids, and know most of the neighborhood by name. They give back to our local community in so many ways and are a wonderful part of life here in Greenpoint.

ToysRUs is not making a long term commitment to the neighborhood, they are just a pop-up for 4 months leading up to Christmas. Then they are gone.This could wipe out the most profitable time for our local mom-and-pop shop, the Greenpoint Toy Store…Please let neighborhood friends know and boycott the new Toys R Us. It would be one thing if they wanted to plant roots in Greenpoint and be a part of the community, but they are coming in to swoop up all the pre-Christmas sales and then leaving our real toy store dry.

Support our local stores that care and are part of our neighborhood!
you can always order online, or place your special orders by calling them directly

I am with Sarah on this 100%. The Greenpoint Toy Center— despite its rather diminutive appearance— is actually a very well stocked toy store. I say this as an occasional customer. Please show your support for local business by patronizing this often overlooked and underrated establishment. Pop up stores come and go. The Greenpoint Toy Center has been with us a very long time. Let’s help ensure they stick around!

Miss Heather

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