New York Shitty Day Starter: Dedicated To A Colossal Greenpoint Badass

January 8, 2013 ·
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January 8th may be recollected by some as being Elvis Presley’s or David Bowie’s birthday, but to me it will be always be Irene Klementowicz Day.

You kick ass, Irene. What’s more, you inspire others (myself included) to kick ass. This post is dedicated to you. Happy Birthday!

LAST GASP: A Moment of Gratitude

July 26, 2012 ·
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I am beat. TOTALLY beat. Some days the “community blog” I own and operate owns and operates me. This was one such day. A day when I was (albeit proverbially) pulling my hair out in frustration and asking myself “Why the hell do I do this?” Repeatedly.

Thus having not one— but two ladies– stop me on the street today and thank me for writing New York Shitty felt good. What’s more, when I get kind words from a bona fide environmental/Greenpoint badass like Irene Klementowicz…

well, I not only feel honored but am reminded of the many wonderful and amazing people whose shoes I— and other “noobs”/”youngsters”— have to fill here.

Thanks for the reality check/gratitude ladies! It is greatly appreciated (if more than a little intimidating).

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