Williamspoint Food Watch: Presenting Klaus’s Kitchen

soupAs the weather has grown cooler and the days shorter I find myself craving a nice bowl of soup more and more. Needless to say when my buddy over at Bitchy Bluestocking brought Klaus’s Kitchen to my attention I my interest was piqued. She writes:

This morning at Beaner Bar, I picked up fellow Punk Roper Klaus’s business card; he’s making and delivering his own soup! His home-made soups in the following flavors are sold four for $20, including free delivery to anyone in 11222 or 11211: African peanut, carrot ginger, butternut squash, red lentil pumpkin, spinach zucchini, and potato leek.

I haven’t tried any yet, but my first order is in!

Naturally I had to learn more. So today I spoke briefly with the proprietor/chef himself: Klaus Guelder!

Me: So what brought you to the soup-making/delivery business?

Klaus: Like most people, I needed the money. I thought about the two things I like to do: bicycling and cooking. I am too old to be a bicycle messenger so I decided to make soup instead. I am not a chef— just a really good cook. I can cook for eight hours straight and it doesn’t seem like work to me.

Me: What has been the response so far?

Klaus: It’s been good. People like the convenience. My soups come frozen so all they need to do is heat and serve. Most of my items are vegan. A lot of vegan food I have had doesn’t have a lot of flavor. It’s bland. I like to use spice. Although I didn’t want to, I decided to make potato leek. This has heavy cream in it and has proven to be very popular. The zucchini spinach is the least popular. I don’t know why. Only two people buy it. I recommend it highly. I’ve been asked to make meated soups but frankly that doesn’t interest me.

My business is done exclusively through referrals. I do not advertise. I like to deal with customers on a more personal basis. You learned about this from Sherry,

Me: Speaking for myself, I am more apt to try something if someone I know recommends it. Food is a very subjective thing. If a friend of mine (whose tastes I know) says something is worth checking out its been vetted and it is likely to be something I like. So what it is the process?

Klaus: You contact me via email to place an order. Soups are $5.00 per 16 ounce container. If you order four or more I will deliver them for free. You pay upon receipt. In most cases I can deliver the same day.

Me: Any new soups in the works?

Klaus: I am working on a beet soup. I purchase my produce from the McCarren Farmer’s Market so I work with what’s available.

So there have you. I for one am pretty excited about sampling Klaus’s soups. The only problem might be picking out which ones I want to try! The African peanut will definitely be one of them though, as Klaus assures me it’s spicy!

Once again, here are the soups being offered by Klaus’s Kitchen:

  • African Peanut
  • Butternut Squash with Mushroom and Pumpkins Seeds (described by Klaus as being “a little spicy”)
  • Carrot Orange with Ginger
  • Red Lentil with Pumpkin (prepared Indian style, very chunky)
  • Zucchini Spinach (which has cilantro in it)
  • Potato Leek

You can place an order with Klaus by contacting him via email at: klauskitchen (at) gmail (dot) com. You can read customer reviews of Klaus’s soups by pointing and clicking your way to his Facebook fan page. Check it out!

Miss Heather

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