From The New York Shitty Inbox: Relief Is On The Way!

I am going to take the glass bowl half-full approach and assume that Ms. Sewell meant May 18th. Our great olfactory nightmare is over, Greenburgers!

UPDATE, 2:11 p.m.: It has been reconfirmed! Our new port-o-let will be delivered Friday!

What’s That Smell?

(Or: Golden Shower At McCarren Park)

Upon having this aromatic golden stream of goodness brought to our Parks Advocate and (New York City Parks Supervisor)— for two weeks, no less— here’s what she had to say.

New York Shitty analysis:

  1. Is it appropriate for a civil servant to solicit (via auto-signature) for not-for-profit organization (this being Open Space Alliance North Brooklyn) in an email sent on our (the taxpayers’s) proverbial dollar?
  2. Indeed, the honey-dipper for this privy is not providing an acceptable level of service— at least when one port-o-let is being pressed into service for a ~1/2 acre of “green space”. I know because people are complaining to me in the hope I can actually do something about it.
  3. What does a comfort station at Abate Playground have to do with points #1 and #2?
  4. Just fix it already. Ever heard of Hepatitis?

Reader Contribution du Jour: Today at Lake McCarren

Well, not exactly a reader contribution per se. This photo was taken by our very own City Councilman, Steve Levin*, and was forwarded to the keeper of the dog (whose name is Ursula) in question . Hey, I like to give credit where it is due!

P.S.: I would be remiss if I did not note that Mr. Levin (and a number of our elected officials, such as Joe Lentol who can be seen at far right) made a brief appearance at today’s Lunch with Lambda!

A Plea From The McCarren Dog Run

The headmistress of the McCarren Dog Run writes:

Want Chips in McCarren Dog Run?

New chips have been ordered BUT Parks can’t/won’t bring them into the big dog run unless we clear out the area near the gates at Driggs and Union. All of the old chips piled up at the gates near Union and Driggs must be moved into the dog run. The run surface needs to be at the same level as the sidewalk for the truck to drive in.

What needs to happen:
Volunteers from the dog run need to use the tools by the entrance gates to pull those piles of chips to other parts of the run. The quickest method is to put the chips on the tarp and drag them to the center of the run or to the far corner to cover the drainage membrane and piping. The work needs to be done in the next seven (7) days for the Dog Run to be able to get chips.

How will you help? Or will you just expect someone else to do this? If no one can get it together to do this, no chips.

Please feel free to share the above email with your dog run friends who might not be on the google group. To join the google group, send a request to

Please help spread the word, Greenburg dog lovers!

New York Shitty Day Starter: A McCarren Park PSA

From Lorimer Street.

New York Shitty Day Starter: Dispatch From The Transportation Committee Meeting

I did not attend last night’s meeting. But I received copious correspondence as to what came to pass— and the flood abatement plans (seriously) ended up being the most contentious. Simply put, the peeps at Parks want to plant storm water management gardens (among other things) so as to prevent flooding. This would be fine and dandy if the plans they presented did not obstruct trucks providing wood chips to the adjacent dog run.* But of course it does— and a number of questions followed. Among them:

1. Marie, a stalwart employee of Community Board 1 (and amazing woman), noted that this should have been accounted for in their plans. E.g.; the size of the trucks needed to maintain the dog run’s wood chip needs should have been taken under consideration. But, alas, they were not. Thus, the Transportation Chair herself is going to visit the intersection* in question personally. Which dovetails to…

2.Why hasn’t our Parks & Waterfront Committee stepped up to the plate? This was question was raised. And no clear answers were tendered other than the lack of awareness-raising about the meeting being tossed on the Transportation Committee’s proverbial doorstep and this being considered a “transportation matter”.

I suppose it is to a certain degree— but park space is also implicated. Thus, it is also a “Parks & Waterfront” matter. So why this wasn’t this material being perused by them as well? Perhaps it is because this body’s Chair does not like to listen to… people complain? Nonetheless, other members of Community Board 1 have shown interest in getting involved with this item so I suspect we’ll be seeing some revised plans soon.

While I am tangentially on the subject of parks, I’d like to share the following email:

…I had the opportunity to visit the “No toilet left behind” queen bee toilet seat at the park house. The good news is that it’s still there. The bad news is that the hardware and hinges are damaged because there is a blatantly obvious leak or mini flooding occurring with each flush. If someone gets a video to me, I’ll be glad to attach it to my online complaint form. I attempted to take a video of it, but it failed. But attached is a photo of the seat and some water under the tank. I also attached my 311 complaint for you. It would be a shame for the money & effort to go to waste because of poor maintenance issues.

I designed this toilet seat with a despondent expression on purpose. I mean, would you like the following to be your home?

Nonetheless, I am pleased to report the leaky valve problem has since been addressed. I field-tested the toilet in question personally yesterday. I do not leave my toilet (seats) behind!

P.S.: Other (thrice confirmed) gossip from this convocation: our very own chair of Community Board 1, Christopher Olechowski, is going to run against Lincoln Restler (the latter of which was present at this meeting, the previous was absent) for 50th Assembly District Leader. Mr. Olechowski kicked off his campaigning last weekend when Carolyn Maloney had a meet and greet at McCarren Park (so as to welcome us to her constituency which apparently includes Michael Bloomberg himself— we have arrived!). Here’s how a tipster put it to me:

At today’s meet & greet with Maloney, I learned that Chris O. is going to run against Lincoln. Chris seems to think that I’ll vote for him and had a conversation with others, in front of me, about how Lincoln doesn’t come from here, isn’t one of us, doesn’t understand our needs, and so on. It was very interesting to say the least…

Given Mr. Olechowski seems to require constant coaching from our District Manager (who appears to be sorely out of touch with our needs— or simply passes the buck), this should be interesting.

*Had Parks, say, bothered to actually walk by the dog run they would have noticed this problem. As well as the sign across the street which has added-value in the way of “Penis Pump” and what appears to be a crude rendering of male genitalia. As noted on this site previously and this post.


The Word On The Street, Part II: McCarren Park

Taken March 26, 2012.

Greenburg Photos du Jour: Bluebird

This rather colorful bit of housing can be found on Driggs Avenue. Note the hammocks on the roof. Nice!

Spotted At McCarren Park: Casting Call

When I saw this while passing McCarren Park this morning I could not help but chuckle. I mean, of all the places to post such a solicitation this person made an inspired choice. In addition to McCarren Park being the (on again, off again) home to some individuals who have seen fit to live in a re-purposed (and pinkified) school bus, but the park proper (the women’s comfort station* and water fountain adjacent to track for example) are quite literally falling apart for lack of maintenance. But don’t take my word for it— here’s what an actual resident of this public space had to say regarding the phenomenon commonly known hereabouts as “Lake McCarren” (as seen at left):

That is gross… AND I LIVE HERE!

“Cribs” it ain’t. In any case, if the above describes you or someone you have the misfortune of having as a landlord or roommate drop these folks a line.

*Which is perhaps why one parent saw fit to let her daughter to take a dump in the McCarren Park Dog Run today? I do not make this shit up.

Spotted On Metropolitan Avenue: Occupy My Volvo!

February 24, 2012 ·
Filed under: 11211, The Word On The Street, Williamsburg, Williamsburg Brooklyn 

Yours truly sees a number of very interesting missives while knocking around our fair city. This is without argument one of the more curious ones. Organization is the mission, but no details are tendered. A Volvo station wagon at McCarren Park is the location. Perhaps it is one too many after-school specials talking, but I do not see the outcome of this tete a tete as being terribly savory.

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