From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part III: Wanted For Questioning

June 21, 2012 ·
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This comes from the 94th Precinct via an anonymous tipster:

The New York City Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance identifying the following (above — Ed. Note) individual wanted for a robbery which took place on June 9, 2012 at approx 0130 hours inside of the Lorimer Street “L” train in the confines of the 94 Pct. The suspect approached a F/25 grabbed her by the throat and removed her pocketbook.

Anyone who witnessed or has information about this crime should contact the 94th Precinct at (718) 383 – 3879 or send Captain Komar (who is acting “Chief” while D.I. Hurson is on vacation) an email at STEFAN.KOMAR (at) NYPD (dot) ORG


P.S.: While I am on the subject of the 94th Precinct, I have created a flyer for this adorable dog who is currently in their (air-conditioned) custody.

Any/all good Samaritans can download it by clicking here.

A Mugging On Green Street?

February 8, 2011 ·
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Although I have reached out to the person who was the victim of this crime (so as to get more details from him) I will share what facts I have now. On February 7, at ~4:00 a.m. someone was mugged on the stoop of 159 Green Street. As it was told to me he was locked out of his building and sought out a friend who resides in the building in question. When he approached the stoop, there was a rather large, heavy set African American gentleman sitting there. He asked the victim for money so he could buy drugs. He refused to give the man money, so it was physically taken from him. I have been told a police report has been filed and will hopefully get more information about what happened later today. I will pass it along here. In the meantime, dear readers, please exercise caution when you are out and about in our neighborhood. Especially late at night.

UPDATE, February 9, 2011 12:05 a.m.: Here’s what happened:

…He was waiting at the doorstep when he was approached by said wide-set African American man. The man told X that he just got out of jail after 10 years, and asked him to feel his shoulder muscle. Weird, yes. He then got in his face asking for money, and X, knowing that he had less than $20 in his wallet & wanting to get out of the situation ASAP, obliged to give him his cash. The man then informed him that he was going to use the money to buy crack.

So there have you.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Mugging On Banker Street?

This item comes via a woman named Camille. She writes:

Hey Heather, just wanted to let you know about a mugging last week.

I don’t know if you post this kind of thing, but I wondered if it might help any readers avoid a similar situation. My boyfriend was mugged last Thursday night at 9 pm on Banker between Meserole and Calyer. Two late teens/early twenties guys approached him for directions, then grabbed him and threatened him with a box cutter. They had a little scuffle and pushed him down to the ground, where he hit his head. They took his wallet and phone. Tall good looking guy in baseball cap (turned backwards) and one short guy with chin-length hair wearing a white doo-rag.

I suppose if anyone saw/heard/knows anything, or found a brown leather wallet (kind of western looking old souvenir with a deer on it), it’d be great to know. The wallet may have been ditched near mccarren park.

Looks like it could be some repeat offenders, from this post on the Brooklyn Paper.

If you find this wallet please contact Camille via email at: camillemcmorrow (at) gmail (dot) com. And oh yeah— be careful out there!

Miss Heather

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