From The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Archives: Halloran’s Gift

January 1, 2011 ·
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It’s been a long time— too long, if you ask me— since I have shared some Greenpoint goodness from the days of old. Today, I not only had the time but managed to parse a real gem from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives. It dates from January 8, 1900 and involves a member of the local constabulary receiving a very special bit of holiday cheer— if that is what one can call the decapitated head of a duck. Among other things. Enjoy!

Interested to know what 155 Greenpoint Avenue looks like today? Click here. HINT: a once beloved (and famous) cat once called this establishment her place of work and play! Otherwise, you can trace the path of Sigimund’s very dubious offering by clicking here.

Miss Heather

Christmas With Q

(Or: Drinking On Duty)

Last night a good friend of mine— one who I do not see as often as I’d like to— came over for Christmas dinner. The reason I do not see her much is she is a bartender and as a result keeps “vampire hours”. Nonetheless my friend, who we will call “Q”, usually has a host of work stories to share when we do see each other. Some of them are very funny, some of them are not. Which brings me to the subject of this post: as we supped and were getting caught up the subject of the 94th Precinct arose. I found what she had to recount downright disturbing.

Q recounted to me numerous occasions when those who ostensibly protect and serve us would drop by her place of employment seeking something to drink. In uniform. On duty. When one such public servant requested a margarita Q felt compelled to point the beverage in question had alcohol in it. To wit he replied:

A margarita has alcohol in it?

The last time I checked they do. Or should. In any case I can personally attest that my buddy Q makes ’em strong!

Another time Q overheard one officer say to another:

What if (excised— supervisor) smells this on my breath?

Inasmuch as I understand it this issue was quickly resolved and they proceeded to imbibe. As you can imagine my friend does not feel very comfortable being asked by officers on duty to serve them alcoholic beverages. Can you blame her? After all, we are talking about a group of men and women who have to think on their feet and let us not forget: bear firearms. But as the evening wound down I came away with the distinct impression drinking on duty is a fairly common practice.

Why don’t they go to the Turkey’s Nest? Everyone knows they’ll give you drinks to go. That’s where the police go.

Q mused. This is a very good question. Perhaps someone should posit it to our new Commanding Officer?

Miss Heather

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