Spotted On Noble Street: An Avian Visitor?

January 29, 2012 ·
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A person we’ll call “M” writes:


My apologies for the poor quality, but I saw this little guy wandering around in front of my place on Noble Street. Don’t know much about birds, but he doesn’t look like a local. Just thought I’d share.

Love the blog, keep up the great work!

Thanks for the kind words, M! As it would happen a very good Samaritan and animal lover rescued an injured partridge (which is what this fellow appears to be) one block away on Oak Street recently.

The partridge I rescued in Greenpoint, it's with Empty Cages now.

This handsome chap (?) has been entrusted to the care of Empty Cages Collective and from I have been told is recovering nicely! Here’s their take on what happened:

Phoenix is a chuckar partridge who was in all likelihood a refugee from a local slaughterhouse in Brooklyn, NY! Tonight (Tuesday, January 24, 2012) Empty Cages Collective ( received a call from a kind woman who found Phoenix dodging stray cats and humans after getting away from a bad situation in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Empty Cages Collective took the curious and brave partridge into our protective custody. He will go to see our avian veterinarian tomorrow for an exam and some bloodwork and we will seek placement for him at a sanctuary. We wish all birds like Phoenix were able to escape their slaughterers grasp! Help all of animal kind gain respect and freedom: don’t eat them! Please, live vegan.

Those of you who wish to make a donation to Empty Cages Collective so they can continue helping our furry and feathered friends can do so by clicking here. And it goes with saying if you see animals— be they of the four-legged or winged variety— who are clearly in distress say something to Empty Cages!

New York Shitty Day Ender: Three Playgrounds

Jaime Campiz Playground, January 22, 2012

The American Playground, January 22, 2012

Barge Park Playground, January 22, 2012


Greenpoint Photo du Jour: The American Playground

January 11, 2012 ·
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As taken today, January 11th, 2012. Closing on a somewhat related note ABC news recently did a feature regarding the proposed homeless assessment center at 400 McGuinness Boulevard. You can view this item by clicking here.

Quicklink: Forgotten New York Does Noble Street

December 27, 2011 ·
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(Or: The Other Alphabet City)

I have long been remiss in giving a shout-out to my friend (and inspiration) Kevin Walsh of Forgotten New York. Thankfully last night I got a much-needed reminder when he brought the above depicted post (which he authored in 2009) to my attention (on his newly designed web site).

Did I say “Nice web site, Kevin!”

You ask? No, not yet. (I promise I will.)

Did I commend Kevin on his post about Noble Street?

Of course not. That’s not how we history geeks roll. Rather, I pointed out:

You missed something, Kevin…

And stated that I would cull the item in question from my archives. And cull it I did. This is what you, dear readers, see at left. “N St.”.

Those of you, fellow Garden Spotters, who have wondered why the thoroughfares in the northernmost part of our community sport the eccentric names they do, e.g.; Ash, Box, Clay, Dupont, etc., might be interested to know they were afterthoughts. What preceded the streets we hold so near and dear (or more likely: take for granted) was a diabolically clever use of the alphabet. Starting at the northernmost tip of the place we call home a grid of streets were laid. Starting (of course) with “A” Street, then “B” Street, “C” Street, “D” Street followed until “Q” (Quay”). After that chaos (READ: Williamsburg) reigns.

The notable exceptions to the previous being “L” and “P” Street. The first— later known as “Lincoln”— is now known as Greenpoint Avenue. The latter was renamed Calyer before an appropriate “P-word” could be found. Just kidding: Jacobus Calyer, one of the five founding “families” of Greenpoint”, got to it first.* Regardless, I for one find this to be a splendid example of city planning (in a community which virtually has none— especially of late). One need only consult the alphabet to ascertain whether he/she is going north versus south (and by powers of deduction: east versus west). And if he/she cannot master this, well, to bastardize Tallulah Bankhead:

If you get lost in Greenpoint, you don’t deserve to be found.

The last remnant of the Garden Spot’s “Alphabet City” can be found at the northeastern corner of Noble and Franklin Street. Go look it. It is one of my favorite pieces of forgotten New York— or at least forgotten Greenpoint. Do check out Kevin’s new and (still improving) web site. It’s really nice.

(See, I kept my promise!)

*A couple others you might notice:

  • Norman Avenue, after Dirck “The Norman” Volchertsen (Clearly political correctness was not the fashion at the time. —E.d Note.)
  • Meserole Avenue, after the Meserole family— starting with Abraham.
  • Provost Street, after Jonathan Provoost.

Read about these, our predecessors, for yourselves!

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Season’s Greetings From Noble Street

Taken December 11, 2011.

New York Shitty Day Ender: The American Playground

November 29, 2011 ·
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Taken November 29, 2011.

UPDATE, November 30: It has come to my attention that a great many people likeand have reposted the above image. Thank you! Those of you who have stumbled upon my site and fancy a print of this image (taken by yours truly— in the Garden Spot of the Universe*) can make it happen by clicking here.

Greenpoint Street Art du Jour: Portrait

From Noble Street.

Urban Fur: Bad Kitty!

November 12, 2011 ·
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I realize the above series of photographs might be a bit unclear, thus I will tender an explanation/description. Someone, upon spotting a discarded nicotine trans-dermal patch affixed to the sidewalk,  decided to draw a cigarette smoking kitty. Don’t believe me? Go to West Street between Milton and Noble and see it for yourself.

No Manhole* Left Behind: Reader Contribution du Jour

A chap we’ll call “A” writes of this specimen:

Noble btwn Franklin and West, not sure if you got this one already. another one down the block filled with water but my photo didn’t come out!

I will certainly follow-up on this tip, A. Thanks!

*It has been brought to my attention by a member of our own Community Board (who I will kindly refrain from naming— but will note that he has begun to notice a fair amount of such “activity” in his neighborhood) that these are “access covers”, not manhole covers” and calling them “manholes” is sexist unless I made a certain clarification/annotation. I assured him that while I suspected these items had a different moniker, I rather enjoyed calling them manholes. And this is because I am sexist. He found this confession quite amusing. Nonetheless, I rectified this situation today— and yours truly experienced a fit artistic inspiration as a result!

366 Jackson Street

What is missing from this picture?

ASIDE: After annotating the above “hole” a man nearby asked what I was doing. I told him I was documenting lost access covers, as I have noticed quite a few have gone MIA in north Brooklyn lately. Believe it or not, he thought this was a good idea. Go figure.

148 Jackson Street

287 Graham Avenue

I has been my observation that, upon being divested of their covers, these spaces tend to be pressed into service as trash receptacles. Why not put a happy spin on this phenomenon, I say!

New York Shitty Day Starter: American Playground

October 31, 2011 ·
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Power Rangers

Taken by Elias Williams.

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