Crosstown Local Photo du Jour: And Now A Message From One Million Trees

November 14, 2011 ·
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Believe it or not our fair Mayor’s endeavor to provide our city with one million trees has not exactly been welcome with open arms by members of my community. Last week alone I was informed of two incidences where property owners in the Garden Spot were angered and dismayed to discover Bloomberg’s little elves planting trees in front of their property. Go figure.

Perhaps the above annotation is an attempt at community outreach? I for one can only hope so. In closing (and to take a rather well known and beloved quote and turn it on its ear):

Ask not what you can do for our trees, fellow Greenpointers, ask what they can do for you!

A piece of foliage which provides oral ministrations?* Screw the environment: that’s the tree I want!

*Insert pussy-willow joke here.

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