From The New York Shitty Inbox: 74 Kent Street Raided?

74 Kent Street

Last night I received a number of emails regarding helicopter activity along the waterfront. I have a creeping suspicion the following email (from someone who wishes to remain anonymous) might have some thing to do with this. Anonymous writes:

…I know first hand that there was a DEA /SWAT team raid on the building last night.  There were several vans of fully armed and armored agents in addition to a handful of stereotypical nondescript white guy spooks.  Several people were arrested and the street between franklin and west was closed well into the early morning as they were seizing evidence from the building and using sledge hammers to do it… It’s truly strange days around here now.  Ms. Kim of the river barrel was a witness to some of this as well.  I’ll let you know more when I know more.

74 Kent Street is home to DL Laboratories: a business dealing which deals with caulks, sealants and other such stuff. I can hardly wait to hear what this is about. Sheesh…

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 11:43 p.m.: per the New York Post one of the purported ringleaders of this Quaalude ring is Thomas Fairley. It shouldn’t come as surprising news that he is the owner of 74 Kent Street. For more reading about the “big bust” in Greenpoint click here. Apparently a substance abuse counselor from our public school system has been arrested as well. Nice.

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