From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: On The Subject Of Illegal Truck Traffic

A lass named Courtney from OUTRAGE writes:

Hi Everyone,

As promised from last night’s OUTRAGE meeting, I have prepared a log sheet for people to document illegal truck traffic in preperation  for the Illegal Truck Enforcement Task Force. Please make sure to take note of the date/ time, location, truck description including type and license plate number, and a description of what illegal activities you are witnessing. The idea is to have this documented in time for the Illegal Truck Enforcement Task Force spearheaded by OUTRAGE, which will be held on Thursday January 3rd. This is the first time we will have the 90 and 94th Precincts, DOT, DEC, DSNY, CB 1 Environment and Transportation, local businesses and other stakeholders sitting down to discuss enforcement of the numerous illegal garbage truck activities harming our health and safety. This is a big step in pressuring the City to take some action towards relief and it is our responsibility to give them evidence of how large the impact of these trucks have on our daily lives. Please pass the document sheet on to those who can help us to document. I will be collecting the information before the meeting on January 3rd so do your best to collect in the following weeks.

I have passed this sheet on to those who did not attend last nights meeting, but are well aware of the issues and would be able to assist us in this effort. Take pictures if you can and remember that all this will be given as documentation and evidence for why the police precincts and City agencies must take an active roll in this Task Force. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and thank you so much for your assistance!!!

Anyone interested in participating in this study should download the above-depicted log-in sheet by clicking here, fill it out  and send it (along with any pertinent photographs) to Courtney via email at crenken (at) stnicksalliance (dot) org by January 2nd. Let’s do it, north Brooklynites!

OUTRAGE(d) Help/Vollies Wanted

I suspect many of the people who follow this site are familiar with OUTRAGE (Organization United for Trash Reduction & Garbage Equity). For those who are not in the know the following, their mission statement, should give you a general idea of who they are and what they do:

OUTRAGE is a coalition of more than two dozen community and civic groups dedicated to the reduction of Waste Transfer Stations and Waste Truck Traffic in the communities of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. OUTRAGE members advocate for a more equitable and sustainable solid waste management plan in the City of New York.

This may not seem like a big deal— but I assure you it is. North Brooklyn has the dubious honor of shouldering a disproportionate amount of our fair city’s “dirty work”: be it truck traffic, waste “treatment”/transfer and of course trucks bearing waste. 40% of this New York City’s garbage finds its way to our proverbial doorstep. Thus it should come as no surprise that our community:

  1. sports asthma rates well above the norm.
  2. has seen a disturbing increase of pedestrian/motorist accidents as a result of this traffic and a woeful lack of enforcement.

OUTRAGE addresses just these things— and a lot more! But this post is not about the manifold number of environmental issues in our community. Instead, they need help of a highly specialized (and preferably free/cheap) nature. Which brings me to the image gracing this post: it is a screencap culled from OUTRAGE’s site on Blogspot. Simply put, they want to step-up their online presence in the hope they can more reach people. People like you and me. And to this end they need the help of a good Samaritan to design a web site for them.

Trash talk seldom is (or should be) pretty. Instead, this is an opportunity to help a wonderful coalition of organizations build a web site that is user-friendly, author-friendly and informative. Those of you who have the skills to make this happen can contact Courtney via email at: crenken (at) stnicksalliance (dot) org.

Otherwise you can (and should) follow OUTRAGE on Facebook by clicking here. Among other things you will learn that two of nine prospective sites for an incinerator (as under consideration by powers-that-be) are right in our backyard! Follows is one of them:

The land gracing the Queens side of the Kosciuszko Bridge. If implemented this will abut proposed park space and a kayak launch. Nice, eh?

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