New York Shitty Day Ender: Presenting The Williamsburg Stroller Patrol

D (who I presume to the founder of this, north Brooklyn’s newest blog) writes:

Hi Heather,

A fellow mom had sent me your post on tips from the NYPD. I re-posted it. Hope that is okay with you. There has been so many problems with the car services and crimes in the last few weeks that I started the blog in hopes of keeping our moms safe. A nanny was hit by the dog run over by McCarren recently and that was (one) of the last straws. If you could suggest to your readers who live in Brooklyn to email us with any complaints/tips I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I am neither a mother nor a nanny but this blog does touch upon something I take very seriously: pedestrian safety. I suspect we all, parental units or otherwise, can agree the increased traffic in north Brooklyn can be a nuisance at best, downright deadly at worst. It has been my observation that car services and cabs tend to be the most problematic. In any case, here’s the mission statement of the Williamsburg Stroller Patrol for those who are interested— or simply curious:

We are part of a Brooklyn Mom group who have started this blog in order to be informed on a daily basis if necessary on how to keep our families safe. A number of us have had huge problems with cars not stopping as we have been walking with our babies or young children. After calling the car services and having our concerns treated with rudeness we decided to start this blog. We will report on everything concerning neighborhood safety. What car services are great for us moms, which car services are not and even the car number.They will not receive our service or patronage. Also, we’ll share what streets have had problems with violence. This is a community blog. Please feel free to email us with your post and it will be posted as soon as we receive it. Our goal is for this blog to be about a daily (if necessary) watchdog communication for us mothers.

Any and all tips and/or complaints for the Williamsburg Stroller Patrol should be sent via email to: wbstrollerpatrol (at) gmail (dot) com.

God speed and good luck, Williamsburg mothers. This crazy cat lady in Greenpoint has your back!

Miss Heather

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