From The New York Shitty Photo Pool, Part II: Bonnets

April 15, 2012 ·
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Taken by newporthomie.

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Peeps!

From (where else?) Peter Pan Bakery on Manhattan Avenue.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Spring Has Sprung!

Lindsy writes (on the evening of March 17, 2010):

I went to park at the end of Manhattan Avenue this evening while walking my dog.  I didn’t have my camera and the one on my phone is a joke.  There is a tree full of Peep chicks in a variety of color.  They are stuck onto the branches and also surround the trunk.  There also is some silly string around the base of the tree.  It was a sweet surprise and a great contrast to the factory building and the liquid waste basket known as the Newtown Creek.

I suppose it should go without saying this morning I headed to the scene in great haste.

The Peeps have indeed come to roost!

Signs of mirth were present.

The silly string has since been relocated about twenty feet to the west. Why, I do not know. I have learned it is better not to dwell too deeply upon such things.

You can always leave it to Greenpoint to be on the vanguard of springtime merrymaking. While the hoi polloi were busy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day we have advanced to Easter. Screw what the calendar says; we’re not going to let a piece of paper get in the way of our good time! Perhaps somewhere in rodentia heaven Fatboy has seen fit to smile upon us?

Miss Heather

P.S.: Lindsy was not the only person to take notice of the Peep tree.

Todd waxes poetic:

Ahhhhh the miracle of life, the endless cycle of regeneration, the bright neon that signals the approach of the equinox!!

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