A Greenpoint Public Service Announcement: More About The Adonis Lounge

December 27, 2009 ·
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adonisloungeTHUMBSome of you might recall ten days ago I shared the good news about the Adonis Lounge. In this post I posited the following:

If the address of this establishment, 113 Franklin Street, sounds vaguely familiar that’s because it is the location of the Production Lounge. Perhaps they have decided to diversify from hip-hop to himbos?

Well, certain events have come to pass (which, it should be noted started after I noticed a number highly unusual search query hits for this site— “Greenpoint handjob” being by far the finest) and I am pleased to announce I have an answer to the aforementioned question: yes. In fact, it appears to be a monthly affair and has been going on since (at least) November.


Per GoingNYC:

Adonis Lounge is a Private Male strip club for Gay Men held once a month in The GreenPoint (!!! Ed. Note) area Of Brooklyn NY , It will feature some of the hottest male strippers around plus there will be a lap dance area and VIP room for ones enjoyment ! Men must be 21 and up to attend  and be on the list for this November 19 event ( past events will not count ) write (excised).

This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser…

Miss Heather

TONIGHT IN GREENPOINT: Lap Dances & Champagne Room

December 17, 2009 ·
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Those of you who prefer twigs and berries to mistletoe this holiday season will be delighted to know that tonight the “Adonis Lounge” will be hosting a private party featuring fifteen of New York’s “hottest Men”, lap dances, champagne room and full bar and “full stage show”. If the address of this establishment, 113 Franklin Street, sounds vaguely familiar that’s because it is the location of the Production Lounge. Perhaps they have decided to diversify from hip-hop to himbos?

Adonis Lounge
Thursday, December 17, 2009; doors open at 8:00 p.m.
The Production Lounge
113 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Get your stripper rolls ready, ladies and gents. It’s going to be a bumpy (and grindy) night!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, December 18, 2009: If my inbox and what I have been told in person today is any indication, both 311 and the 94th Precinct received a lot of angry phone calls last night. In one such case regarding the latter the desk Sargent advised the caller that this was, in fact, illegal but they (the police department) could do nothing about it. The he advised him/her to call 311.

A Shooting At The Production Lounge?

February 14, 2009 ·
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This email comes courtesy of R.C.:

Hey Miss Heather

Thought you may like a little play by play of what the heck is happening out my window at this very moment.

Its 3:47 am.. and I was awaken by something that sounded like gun shots out my front window.
I was quickly shaken out of my bed and my thought was gun shots???? But why. Then I remembered instantly, OH PRODUCTION LOUNGE!

Sure enough, a small commotion was brewing outside.. people moving around quickly and fighting or trying to get away inside the “amazing bar” that has fallen upon our neighborhood. I noticed someone locking the door and keeping its patrons inside the bar, not letting anyone out. I instantly thought this is not going to be good. Cops show up, not with lights on nor sirens , about 5 cars and the place starts to flood out… cops direct the flow of people that were all exiting the bar away from Kent street direction and back towards Greenpoint Avenue on Franklin.

I thought I was dreaming when I heard “the shots” but I obviously was not when the presence of cops showed up outside my home ( I live on the same block as this shit den of a bar)  and started to filter the lovely patrons of “P-LO” as I like to call this humble establishment away.

Its 3:53 now and the block is barricaded by cruisers on either side of this block on Franklin. From what I heard to what is now happening outside seems like yes maybe they were shots fired but no arrests or heavy breakouts resumed. Some people did run away  at the moment I started watching and taping (yes I captured footage of this on my mini HD camera) this incident at the P-LO But now the block is barricaded by 10 or so cops…

The cops are now walking around the block with flashlights looking for something?? gun shot shells maybe?

What ever this is going on we need to close this place down for good! It’s revolting and not what Franklin Street is about.

I guess its officially a crime scene when police tape is surrounding the entrances to the block  on either end now.

A few cops are walking back and forth the block..flashlight in hand.

4:15 a.m
Cops walking around still. nothing seems to be urgent. talking on and off with who I think is one of the owners of this place.

Let us hope that this is the end of this place. But I fear it wont be…

The P-Lo needs to go!!!

So just thought I would let you know about whats happening and ask you how the heck do we shut down this HELLHOLE that has plagued our quiet hood.

This isn’t the only email I got on the subject of this shooting either. Tony writes:

i heard 6 gunshots last night at 2:30 am from my place on Kent street.

i called 911. didn’t venture outside. NYPD just called me and asked if i had any other info.

they said a woman got shot on the corner of Kent Street & Franklin but that she’s going to be okay.

this is fucked up.

I can hardly wait to see how they spin this one at the next 94th Precinct Community Council Meeting.

Miss Heather

Photographer’s (my) Note: This is 158 Franklin Street. The bullet that penetrated the front door managed to go through a second door in the interior of this domicile and lodged itself in a wall. I have it on good intelligence that bullets managed to find their way to the second floor of this residence as well. One destroyed a hat hanging on a rack (better the hat than the wearer, I suppose). It should also be noted that the owner of this house just finished renovating it from top to bottom. Now it has a few bullet holes to give it that “gritty” “urban” feel.

UPDATE: Apparently this matter has found its way onto Yelp;

While this place has been drawing my snarky ire since it opened for myriad reasons (laughable decor, seeming utter distain for the idea of a unified neighborhood fabric, loud, raucous club nights exhibiting contemptible taste levels vis-à-vis music, general waft of sadness and desperation, etc., etc.), I always considered it unfortunate joke that would be quickly and deservedly shuttered. But last night things took a much more serious turn…

You can read the rest by clicking here.* (A special thanks goes out to Greenpointless for bringing this to my attention.)

*NO YOU CAN’T: Yelp has pulled the posts.

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