From The New York Shitty Inbox: Decent Digs In Greenpoint?

This item comes from a guy we’ll call Jay. He writes:

Hey Miss Heather,

I’ve been coming up on your blog a lot lately.I’ve been doing lots of late night Craigslisting on Greenpoint. I’m living through some typical Brooklyn housing drama right now (live in a loft in Williamsburg, my friend who was on the lease moved out, and the remaining lease holder/dick head recently told us that he would be increasing our rent by $450. but I digress).

Aaaanyways, I figure that it’s kind of a brilliant time to grow up a bit. I’ve been in Williamsburg for 4 years, and Greenpoint has always seemed like the logical next move for me.

So that’s what brings me to you. Whenever I think I’m on to what seems like a good lead for a place to live, I do a google search and I feel like I invariably come up with a page from your site noting how the building is infested by fleas/managed by a pyscho or a pervert/sinking into a toxic waste field. Well, I imagine that’s actually probably pretty indicative of the majority of what’s out there. However, I’m curious if you (or your readers) have come across anything notably good. IE a broker who actually gets it, a decent reasonably priced building, etc.

I figured it might make for some good fodder for your blog.

Thanks for what you do. I love your blog.

First off, thanks for the kind words, Jay. They are appreciated. Secondly, there are plenty of very nice, ethical landlords and real estate brokers to be found here— or so I have heard (my building, which I have lived in for 5-6 years is currently occupied— sorry). The bugger is finding them! For this reason I am handing your question over to my readers. Do you know of any good brokers/landlords Jay should contact regarding his search for a new home? If so, post them via comments or send ’em via email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. I’ll gladly forward them.


Miss Heather

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