New York Shitty Photo/Video Du Jour: Season’s Greetings From Queens

December 8, 2015 ·
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Manicure Santa Cropped nys

Manicure Santa

Meet “Manicurist Santa”. As you can see he is busy plying his trade on a ring-wearing, disembodied hand with talon-like nails. This is without argument one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen. Ever.

Closing on a related note (of Santa and the stuff of nightmares), looks like Santacon will be kicking off at McCarren Park┬áthis upcoming Saturday. I wonder how much the Parks Department and/or Open Space Alliance North Brooklyn (one cannot really separate the two) got in exchange for green-lighting this shitshow? In any case, I find it darkly amusing that a town hall meeting regarding quality of life issues, crime and our public parks has scarcely come to pass and this somehow passed muster. I suppose when money is on the table, one’s attitude becomes more “flexible” about such things. Ho! Ho! Ho!

New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: Houston Street

December 22, 2014 ·
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Houston Street nys

Taken December 22, 2014.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Santa

December 20, 2013 ·
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Taken by autovac.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Subway Santa

December 25, 2012 ·
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DSCF1637 nt1

Taken by John Fullard.

New York Shitty Street Art du Jour: Season’s Greetings From The East Village

December 15, 2011 ·
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Taken December 15, 2011.

Reader Contribution du Jour: Three Lost Santas

November 29, 2011 ·
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This trio hails from (where else) Bedford Avenue and comes courtesy of “Euridice”. Great shot!

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Satan Claus

December 24, 2009 ·
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From Moultrie Street.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Gentrification Watch: Biergarten Brunch With Santa!

It’s a little known fact but Mister Heather was once “Santa” at a local business in Greenpoint. Granted, he was not drunk while discharging his duties (or sported a salmon under his beard) but he needed a stiff one shortly thereafter. For this reason I find the following event, which comes courtesy of north Brooklyn’s very own Town Square, truly innovative!


BEER AND BRUNCH WITH SANTA! Per the above flier:

…What’s that sound? Is it the jingle of Santa’s bells? Guess what kids? Santa is coming to Williamsburg for a delicious brunch at Radegast Hall & Biergarten!

Brunch With Santa!
December 12, 2009; 11:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Radegast Hall & Biergarten
113 North 3 Street
Childrensburg, Brooklyn, 11211

Those of you who are interested in learning more about this event should contact Caroline at: caroline (at) townsquareinc (dot) com. NOTE: Seating is limited and high chairs are not available.

Miss Heather

P.S.: You can view to above flier in larger format by clicking here.

Brooklyn Photo du Jour: No Standing St. Nick!

November 27, 2008 ·
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From Franklin Avenue.

Miss Heather

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