Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: Street Justice

September 25, 2010 ·
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I was not quick enough on the draw on this one— so what you are seeing instead is the aftermath of one of the crazier episodes I have witnessed on this, Greenpoint’s main drag. EVER. Cut me a little slack: it is not every day I see a rather large Polish gentleman (whose face I have blurred in the above photograph) crack one of our more colorful, um, citizens over the head with his cane. TWICE. Lest you are wondering, dear readers, (and you probably are) this attack was provoked. The above gent was harangued— rather persistently and menacingly— by not one but two rather seedy individuals.* About what I am not certain— although someone on the scene overheard something about touching someone’s daughter. Exactly whose daughter was in question is anyone’s guess.

Just another sultry Saturday afternoon in the Garden Spot… dare I say it, but it makes me wish winter would come. And fast!

Miss Heather

*One methinks is a resident of the Greenpoint “Hotel”. The other is a man who clearly has problems. BIG TIME. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say heroin.

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