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February 16, 2010 ·
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Anthony of Serious Lunch writes:

Hi Miss Heather

Long time reader and such and such.

Our Greenpoint based comedy group SERIOUS LUNCH just released a new video featuring Ellie Kemper from The Office and Hope Davis.  The best part is that it was shot right here in the neighborhood at Anella, Coco66, and East River Tattoo.  Check it out.

I know you don’t really post sketch comedy stuff, but it prominently features the neighborhood.  Hope you enjoy!

I can’t honestly say I “get” this. But then again yours truly’s wedding entailed a surreptitious trip to Brooklyn Municipal Hall (via the G train, no less) on Halloween. Shortly there after we had our photo taken in front of an inflatable scab-busting rat. The men protesting found this tremendously entertaining. We emailed this photo along with a scan of our marriage certificate to our respective families to announce the good news.

One of my more religious relations actually got upset I wasn’t married in a church. I imagine this person wanted me to wear a white dress as well. No dice. This here bride wore black.

Miss Heather

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