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One can only wonder what Cara’s rent-stabilized neighbors (Yes, the Astral is a rent-stabilized building!) would think about someone leasing a one bedroom apartment therein for $650.00 a week. I doubt they would be very pleased— but who knows? In any case, potential clients might be interested to know there’s ample availability later next month— but caveat emptor:


She appears to be charging $120.00 per night on Fridays and Saturdays.

P.S.: Oh yeah, while I am on the subject of hotels— a booking of four will net you a bottle of wine at this place

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: Rats at the Astral?

February 16, 2011 ·
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Although I have asked this tipster for more information I feel compelled to “crowd-source” this item, which involves one of the Garden Spot’s more renowned buildings: none other than the Astral. J writes:

I’m sure you’ve seen the explosion of rats at the Astral since the blizzard. What can we do to get Astral Apts. or the city to remove the rats?

Actually I have not seen nor heard anything about this— thank god. However, I’d wager the woeful lack of garbage pick-up that followed our blizzard(s) has a lot to do with this. Since J has not indicated where these rats are to be found, I am going to presume they are within the Astral’s premises.

Here’s the deal: New York City apartment dwellers are to having a safe and “livable” domiciles per something called the “Warrant of Habitability”. Here’s a brief run-down of what this entails per RentLaw:

Tenants are entitled to a livable, safe and sanitary apartment. Lease provisions inconsistent with this right are illegal. Failure to provide heat or hot water on a regular basis, or to rid an apartment of insect infestation are examples of a violation of this warranty. Public areas of the building are also covered by the warranty of habitability. The warranty of habitability also applies to cooperative apartments, but not to condominiums. Any uninhabitable condition caused by the tenant or persons under his direction or control does not constitute a breach of the warranty of habitability. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the tenant to remedy the condition. (Real Property Law §235-b)

Although rats are not explicitly stated above, methinks it would be safe to presume they would be classified as vermin just as insects are.  Now let’s take into account that the Astral is a rent-stabilized building and as such J’s means of recourse are a little different than regular New York City apartments. If (or when) this gentlemen calls 311 his complaint will be referred to an entity called Housing Preservation and Development. To keep it stupid simple, this agency oversees public housing and rent-stabilized apartments. This organization will send out an inspector to assess the problem. If he (or she) notes the presence of vermin the building owner will be notified and expected to fix the problem. Exactly how long this process will take is anyone’s guess.

If the problem is not addressed— and HPD has noted the presence of vermin tenants may file for a reduction of his (or her rent) via the Department of Housing and Community Renewal for (and I quote) “decreased services”. This can be filed for individual apartments or building-wide. You can view the requisite forms by clicking here. Yours truly has successfully done this in the past. Be advised it takes several months.

But hopefully it will not come to this for J and his neighbors. It goes without saying that the first thing he and his should do is contact the landlord. In the case of Pistilli Realty (and I have been told this by someone who residents in one of their buildings) the key is to be persistent!

In closing, this is a very general (and laywoman’s) synopsis of what recourse J has for this situation. It should go without saying that if the vermin problem persists he should enlist the services of an attorney. The previous caveat/disclaimer having been made, has anyone in the Astral noted the increased presences of rats? If so I would very much like to hear from you. Please send you accounts and/or photographs to: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. It goes without saying your identity will remain anonymous if you so desire.


Miss Heather

The Astral Gets Its Wings…

March 2, 2009 ·
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(AKA: Behind The Beige Door)


Lost among the recent drama in Greenpoint is something that has been nagging at me for some time. Specifically: is the perv-a-licious Super of the Astral (“Tommy”) still using the premises for boudoir photography? The answer is yes. Per a tipster, March 1, 2009:

Yesterday afternoon (February 28, 2009),  i saw Tommy crossing the Astral courtyard with a petite, dark-haired girl, both are carrying chunky silver suitcases or whatever you call them (big, square, silvery-metal things with handles). she’s in sweats but hair and makeup are done.

three or four hours later. i’m going down the entrance steps with the garbage. Tommy and the model come out from the basement apartment, ahead of me. still got the silver suitcases and Tommy is carrying a flat cardboard box with the angel wings peeking out. i say hello because no point in pretending we don’t see each other. Tommy can’t look me in the face, as usual, but the model politely holds the Astral’s front door open for me because of the giant bag of garbage. Nice! (Naturally, I said thank you to her)

the following link also enhances the story. note that his last log-in is today. and the girl in his profile photo is the very one i saw yesterday.

Aaaaand if you click on the view photos link on Tommy’s Model Mayhem page, you’ll see another girl with the same wings and another photo of the model i saw yesterday in chains and lingerie and sitting ON THE FLOOR OF THE ASTRAL HALLWAY!


this has to be what is behind that basement door in my part of the Astral. and i really, really hope she was able to take a hot shower with disinfectant soap after that was taken. i would not sit on that floor wearing jeans, much less in my dainties!

The above photograph— which I have cribbed and give full credit to Glamour Images Studio— was taken by the Astral’s Super: Tommy. The location is a stairwell of the apartment building under his supervision: The Astral. To this I can attest. I wonder what his employer Pistilli Realty would think about this?

Miss Heather

P.S.: Nice logo, Tommy. Glad to see you’re making productive use of this building— which is landmarked.

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