New York Shitty Photo du Jour: Varick Street

Taken March 11, 2012.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: Live From 201 Varick Street

November 29, 2010 ·
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When I arrived at Immigration Court this morning there was quite the Garden Spot presence in effect. Kathleen and Christina, two of the lovely ladies spearheading Pablo Airaldi’s cause, were present. As were many other Greenpoint notables including (but not limited to) the inimitable Ziiggy (as seen above in the black leather jacket)…

…and his guitar! In fact, the turn-out was such that only a handful of individuals were allowed into the court room. The judge presiding over Pablo’s case opined (while thumbing a rather thick stack of letters advocating that Mr. Airaldi be allowed to stay in our fair community/country) that he was happy that everyone who sent in letters did not show up. If I had to hazard to guess:

  • He was impressed!
  • 201 Varick Street, Room 1140 was probably host to more tattoos and piercings this morning than the previous 364 mornings combined!

As I was waiting outside with Juliet Linderman (and talking Garden Spot shop) a late-comer arrived. He stated that instead of possibly encountering trouble with security he buried his tools in the planter out front. Guess what?

He wasn’t kidding.

Otherwise Pablo’s case has been adjourned until January 6, 20101. Until next year!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Special props go out to the men working security who let Ziiggy bring in his guitar! Too bad he didn’t play it for our/the court-goers edification.

P.S. #2: This post goes out to my buddy Mieszko at Beata Delicatessen who not only serves up a good cup of coffee before damned near anyone else in this ‘nabe, but commented to yours truly (after I requested a large cup of black coffee):

Thanksgiving can be kind of hard.

To wit I replied:

That’s not the problem. I am headed to a deportation hearing.

Mieszko (wide-eyed): For you?
Me: Unfortunately I was born in Waco, Texas. They cannot get rid of my kind so easily. No worries, I am certain they are working on it.

He found this quite amusing.

New York Shitty Day Starter: H20

June 29, 2010 ·
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From Varick Avenue.

Miss Heather

Reader Contribution Du Jour: Lost In Soho

June 15, 2010 ·
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Over the years I have posted a great many fliers soliciting the return of one thing or another. Most of them featured pets such as cats or dogs. One even offered a $100 reward for a pigeon. Now, thanks to a man named Dave, we can add a rubber ducky to the list. Nice.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Conch

April 26, 2010 ·
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By Noah Devereaux.

Miss Heather

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