Greenpoint Photos Du Jour, Part II: Something For Mom

September 12, 2010 ·
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This afternoon I decided to take a sojourn down West Street. Despite its admittedly shabby state this thoroughfare still remains one of yours truly’s favorites. It is a nice place to enjoy a little “alone time”— and when I’m not I invariably meet someone interesting. Today I met not one but two!

When I saw this woman pushing a hot pink trunk down the street I thought to myself:

This is my kind of person.

I rushed over to see what gives. That’s when I noticed she was not alone!

After I pointed out our curiously similar fashion statements and took the above photograph I got down to brass tacks.

So what are you doing? Is this for a film shoot or something?

No it wasn’t. This very nice couple explained to me that they take photographs of themselves each week and post them on their web site (whose exact name eludes me at the moment*— my bad Mymotherreviewsmyphotos) for his mother to see. As for that pink trunk— it contained “props”. Fascinating.

Miss Heather

*If anyone out there knows the url for this site (— or something like that) please share. I want to toss these peeps a little link love. Who can resist a man who loves his mom! Thanks Laura! (See comments)

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