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Requirements per the above flier:

  • Must be 18+
  • Live and work within the 5 boroughs of NYC
  • You have to be available late at night, in the cover of darkness, on either May 30th or May 31st to pick up your assignments in person
  • You must be physically able to make at least one kill attempt per week. That means going out and actually trying to smoke someone just stalking and giving up does not count as an attempt
  • Please nobody who still lives with their mamas.

This has “hipster “written all over it to be certain but who knows— it might be a lot of fun! Speaking for myself, it’s a little too much work for my taste so I think I’ll pass. To get the 411 about this open call for assassins check out StreetWars.net.

Happy hunting!

Miss Heather


9 Comments on WANTED ON MANHATTAN AVENUE: Assassins

  1. rutila on Tue, 19th May 2009 8:32 am
  2. It’s actually a game that Columbia University students play with water guns.

  3. missheather on Tue, 19th May 2009 8:42 am
  4. Same difference.

  5. amandabee on Tue, 19th May 2009 9:38 am
  6. I don’t think Columbia students have a monopoly on games of assassin. For what it is worth. Which is not a lot.

  7. amandabee on Tue, 19th May 2009 9:39 am
  8. Wait! that came out too dismissive.

    Honestly, I think that the world would be a better place if more people engaged in multi-day, multi-player games in the real world.

  9. missheather on Tue, 19th May 2009 9:45 am
  10. I thought the real world was “a multi-day multi-player game”.

  11. mikki on Tue, 19th May 2009 10:50 am
  12. Lots of college students play it but this one is not Columbia-related. I did it in 2004, it was super fun. You’d be great at it, Heather! I have a squirt gun you can borrow if you need it!

  13. another Heather on Tue, 19th May 2009 12:22 pm
  14. Did someone die playing this years ago, or was that an episode of “Law and Order?”

  15. al oof on Tue, 19th May 2009 1:12 pm
  16. sounds like law and order. or numb3rs. but i don’t think it’s a good idea to do this stuff in a not closed space, like a campus. i guess i’m just a fogey but people can get really into game playing, and then what about all the bystanders who didn’t sign up to play? they see a guy running with a gun and then what? what if the police mistake a water pistol for a real pistol (i mean, those dudes think wallets are guns!).

  17. bleibtreu on Tue, 19th May 2009 6:12 pm
  18. It was CSI: New York which had a story where an Assassin player actually killed his target.

    We used to play when I was in college almost 20 years ago… so definitely not exclusive to Columbia, and not at all new. It was fun, but I probably couldn’t put the time into it now to make it worthwhile.

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