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I neglected to give props to The Gowanus Lounge for this, so I am doing so now. I am very happy that there are other people out there who also revel in rejection. Failure is after all, the new success.

Otherwise, I want to point out a few folks I have added to my blogroll:

  1. Negro Witticisms: this guy is hilarious so do check him out. Especially his musings about Con Ed’s new advertising campaign.
  2. fauxy dot net: I noticed last night that she added me to her blogroll. And after I discovered that she was indeed the woman I read about on Gawker.com (who was menaced by the NYPD because they thought she was a prostitute) I wept tears of joy. This woman is the kind of company I covet the most: the harassed.I have yet to be picked up for solicitation, but as Scarlett O’Hara said: “tomorrow is another day”…

I regret to announce that the ‘Slipster Shanty’ featured in this post has since been razed. Probably in order to build condominiums that no one in their right mind would purchase.

Miss Heather


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