Ah, The Astral!

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It would appear that a real estate broker has seen fit to give his two cents regarding the “situation” at the Astral to one of my readers/tipsters.

Broker: I am going to have to ask you to stop over posting my ad with yours. I PAY for my ads. I am assuming that I have exchanged emails with you before, as I have spoken with someone (who chose to remain anonymous as well) once before. You do not have all the up to date info I have concerning the building and its dealings. Why don’t you provide me with the same info you have on me, like name, phone #, e mail, and who you work for. Seems only fair. You know who I am.

Tipster reply:

This is pretty up to date (12/23— Ed. note):

I had a fun time last night. No heat, no hot water and to top it off NO ELECTRICITY. Good ‘ole Tommy tried to troubleshoot but couldn’t figure it out. Said the power to the furnace and water boiler was out as well. He called the maintenance crew and they assessed the problem. He then told me that it was Con Ed problem and they would be there in about 45 minutes.

So I sat in my cold and pitch black apartment with one candle and a flashlight, hoping that Con Ed would get everything back on. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours,no power. I decided to go to bed in hopes that things would be back on in the morning. NOPE! I got to work and called Pistilli to complain, stating that I had no utilities all night and that it is illegal to not provide them.

They said to talk to the Super, which I replied, “Have you ever met the Super? He is too busy taking pornographic photos to help out any of the tenants.” They said, “No, he doesn’t do that.”To which I replied, “I have proof on the internet if you’d like to see.” They put me on hold and returned to say that the electrician was on his way. I then asked if they were aware of all the other problems that are apparent in the building, mold, BEDBUGS…

They told me if I had any other complaints to put them in the form of writing and mail them in. MOTHER FUCKERS!! I then got the extension to the leasing agent in order to see if I can get out of my lease and have my security deposit back. I have not yet called, basically because I don’t currently have the money to move out of this shithole. Can someone please organize a class action suit against the Pistilli Brothers. This has gone way too far!

Broker: Read that. Thanks. I don’t intend to see any more postings from you undermining my work. I’ll have Craigslist take care of that.You apparently won’t reveal who are and this is growing tiresome. Apart from you and your third party (copy and paste) revelations, I do sympathize with the tenants having issues. Like I said before, I used to live in the building and didn’t have these problems. I’m beginning to think that you’re an agent from another firm who cannot gain access to this building, so you’re attempting to keep me from doing business there. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you, Mister Broker Man! I was a broker once and know the law fairly well.

  1. If this is a rent-stabilized apartment why is the asking rent $1,350? Given the percentage increases outlined by the D.H.C.R., the odds of this apartment commanding a round figure rent-wise are very, very low. Can you say rental overcharge?
  2. All rent-stabilized apartments include heat and hot water in the rent. It’s required by law— this is not “added value”, which is what you are insinuating.
  3. If you know this building so well, why do you show pictures of an “identical apartment”?

Astral Craigslist Ad

Pari Passu:

1. with equal pace, progress or rate; side by side. 2. without partiality; equally; fairly

Contrary to your employer’s name you are being quite deceptive. The fact that you have taken the time to pester a person who (might) jeopardize a $1,350 commission (because you think he/she is a competing broker) only makes you more pathetic. Unless my memory fails me, a broker who knowingly rents a property with latent defects, e.g.; BEDBUGS, lead paint, etc, without proper disclosure can lose his license.

Miss Heather


8 Comments on Ah, The Astral!

  1. rowan on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 8:57 am
  2. i had the same issue the night that your tipster is talking about. i did have electricity but no hot water. i was also told the same thing by Tommy, that it was a ConEd thing. i’ve seen this missive before, on the Astral MySpace group. Obviously, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think your tipster/tenant is a broker.

  3. ewe200 on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 3:39 pm
  4. I was the one who actually wrote that on the Astral myspace group. Not sure who is using it to battle with a broker, though. That guy, Mark Powell, is actually the person who rented me my place. If I only had a time machine…

  5. missheather on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 7:07 pm
  6. Ewe200: Please accept my sincerest apologies.

  7. eefers on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 7:13 pm
  8. Wow. They must have decided to put a little effort into at least one apartment so they could show shiny pictures. Usually they just slap a layer of linoleum on top of whatever nasty-ass floor is in the place. We pulled up two layers of linoleum (complete with multiple giant cockroaches in between) and a layer of sub-floor to find hard wood.

    In fact, that picture looks just like the apartment next to my old one. I could smell them renovating it. That one should be at 76 India on the first floor (which is actually the second). A1, maybe? Also, I moved out more than two months ago, and have noticed that they haven’t even started renovating my old apartment–which I know for a fact still has bedbugs, and a few pieces of bedbug-ridden furniture.

  9. jukeboxgraduate on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 8:50 pm
  10. For what it’s worth, anyone who does not document ongoing apartment problems, like those at the Astral, in WRITING, sent via certified mail, is – pardon my french – le moron.

    I’m not saying don’t call about no heat (and you should also be calling 311 at the same time to report lack of essential services). But yes, you need to complain IN WRITING. TO THE LANDLORD. NOT JUST ON MYSPACE.

    Legally you can’t do shit without documenting it in writing. Via the USPS. I know, it’s so old fashioned and not at all hip.

    Kids these days.

  11. ewe200 on Thu, 3rd Jan 2008 9:06 pm
  12. MissHeather, no apology needed. I’m glad that there is so much media out there on how bad the Astral really is. Hopefully the spread of this knowledge will eventually bring about some change (cross your fingers). I’m actually flattered that someone referenced my experience. It’s funny because as I write this, I’m sitting in my freezing cold Astral apartment. I think it’s about 0 degrees outside, so it’s fitting that the heat isn’t on. I just texted Tommy to see what the dilly is and he responds by saying it should be on in about 10 minutes. I was going to respond by asking why was it off in the first place, but I think that staring at a wall would be more productive.

  13. rowan on Fri, 4th Jan 2008 10:00 am
  14. On another tack – and this one I will put in writing (pen to paper!), I’m wondering when they will start clearing out the courtyard of the bags and bags of garbage, recyclables and furniture. For those of us facing the courtyard, we’re the port of entry for whatever will crawl out and back into the building. That stuff has been sitting there for close to a week.

  15. Lollygirl on Wed, 1st Oct 2008 4:12 pm
  16. I’m an eight-year resident in an Astoria building owned by Pistilli. I’ve just had my apartment flooded (for the 11th time) and am wondering what I can afford to do now. The ceiling has been replastered four times, and the leak just keeps going.
    I can’t afford a lawyer, but is there something else I can do to get the furniture replaced? Has anyone ever been successful in getting moved to another apartment because of current deplorable living conditions? There is mold growing on the ceiling and I’ve been couching it for days.

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