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August 31, 2008 by
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What was it that first enchanted me about Sarah Palin? Her status as a (failed) beauty queen? Her moving speech (upon accepting the Vice Presidential nomination) that her career in politics started when she joined the P.T.A.? Crowing about her FIVE CHILDREN?!?

I did not want to watch her speech. And for the most part I didn’t: I listened. Mister Heather played it on the television. I could not restrain myself from leaning over and looking at this “hockey mom” who could be within a “heartbeat” of the Presidency and thinking to myself:

This is scary.

I am a bad feminist. I do not toe the line. In other words when someone (in this case John McCain) throws a bone to “female voters” like Ms. Palin I am not impressed. In fact, I am offended.

Miss Palin is a token. Tokenism is the last and worst vestige of discrimination in this country. There are a number of female Senators, Representatives and Governors McCain could choose from. Olympia Snowe comes to mind. But McCain chose this bimbo. One whose qualifications lie between her legs, not her record.

I’m an independent. Come November I’m voting Democrat.

Simple as that.

Miss Heather

Post Script: Ann Richards why did you leave us in 2006? You could have cut this woman to shreds and I would have savored every bit moment of it.

UPDATE 9/1/08: Get a load of this. Apparently I am a political pundit now. Who knew? Otherwise I made a funny today over lunch worth sharing…

Miss Heather:

You know, I wouldn’t actually mind having a male beauty queen for Vice President. As a matter fact I might like it. Wait a minute, scratch that. We already had one: Dan Quayle.


2 Comments on Miss World: Our Future Vice President

  1. dearbirthday on Sun, 31st Aug 2008 10:10 am
  2. your understanding that this is a bad (and manipulative) choice doesn’t make you a bad feminist–it makes you a smart one.

  3. d on Sun, 31st Aug 2008 1:34 pm
  4. Being a woman does not entail having to support every woman in power, thankfully. I have a friend who follows the stuff that goes on in Alaska and have been hearing about this woman for a while now, she brought back wolf hunting and stuff like that. Not only is she a poor choice to court women voters, especially as she is a social conservative (those are the worst, imo), but she is a poor choice for McCain who is quite a bit older and she very well could become president if he keels over! He also selected her to appeal to the conservative Republican base, seeing as how pundits like Ann Coulter claimed they’d vote Hillary over McCain as Hillary was “more conservative”. I am a registered Independent also.

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