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As I mentioned earlier I elected to while away “Super Bowl Sunday” not in front of a television screen but on the streets of north Brooklyn. This was an excellent decision as I not only spied delightful stuff like this, this, this and this:



Latitude Zero. My love of Latin American cuisine trumped my hatred of the B-word so I went inside to see what’s up.


I grabbed the last take-out menu they had on hand and struck up a conversation with the co-owner of this establishment (who was in the process of printing out more menus). She informed me they have been open for about a month now. After perusing their menu I voiced my pleasure at how many vegetarian items they had for the picking. The proprietress explained to me that although her partner in business (and life) was a meat eater she was not and their aim was to build a menu that would be appealing to everyone. With such diverse offerings as:

  • Vegan spicy black Bean and cilantro soup
  • Avocado and ginger vichyssoise (not vegan)
  • Hand cut fries with habanero mayonnaise
  • “Chonta Duro”: a vegan ceviche consisting of hearts of palm, mango, avocado and red onions
  • “Salmon Miso-Honey”: miso-honey glazed salmon with baby bock choy
  • Palak paneer
  • Fish tacos and meated fare like…
  • Hamburgers (I have been assured veggie burgers will be forthcoming), chorizo, and steak

I’d say they’re on the right track. This will be on my short list of new restaurants to check out with the Mister.

Latitude Zero
82 South 4 Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Phone: (718) 384-8282

Southsiders take note: they deliver!

Miss Heather


3 Comments on Presenting Latitude Zero

  1. d on Sun, 1st Feb 2009 7:41 pm
  2. I was down in that vicinity today too! My friend and I stopped into Foodswings which is a vegan “fast food” restaurant on Grand Street. I also hit up a store called Fuego who has the nicest proprietor I’ve ever encountered in North Brooklyn. I asked if I could take a photo of a display he had and I’ll post it on Flickr tonight.

  3. rowan on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 12:52 pm
  4. while not a vegetarian by habit, i will say that the vegetarian ceviche and the black bean soup sound really delicious. actually all the items listed look great (fish tacos! yes!)

  5. pushkin on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 7:23 pm
  6. this place is really special.. NOT to be confused with the place that was there before it, which suCked. the cook and his family who run the place are personable and the bottom line is the food is Awesome and the prices are very reasonable, most entrees under 10 dollars- and speaking of fish tacos- they are twice the size and about the same price as those at la superior right up the street. the concept of the restaurant is that it is a fusion of the world’s food found along the equator (hence latitude zero) they are really interested in having the community put their art up on the walls in there too. they should do more marketing because except for the small sign they put up outside, the place looks exactly the same as the lame place there before it. try them out and spread the word!

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