Reader Contribution Du Jour: Scenes From Williamsburg Walks

July 12, 2009 by
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I’ll be perfectly honest: although I like the principle underlying Williamsburg Walks the reality is another matter altogether. I learned this the first and only time I went (last year). Too many people (and overflowing garbagecans ) for my taste. However, New York Shitty reader and frequent contributor Tony braved Bedford Avenue and sent me a number of wonderful photographs from yesterday’s festivities. The following are but only a fraction of them. Enjoy!

willywalks  twister

willywalks blue lady2

willywalks chillin

willywalks crazy guy1

willywalks hipstercloseup

willywalks homu1

willywalks homu2

willywalks kiddo

willywalks razor&strut

willywalks wga girls

willywalks string lady3

willywalks string lady4

willywalks broken dreams

Great captures, Tony!

Miss Heather


5 Comments on Reader Contribution Du Jour: Scenes From Williamsburg Walks

  1. Tony From Kent Street on Sun, 12th Jul 2009 12:07 pm
  2. I don’t care who says what, I love Williamsburg, I love hipsters and I love crazy, silly, mindless, colorful events. If you got a problem with that, try a year on Halsey Street in Bushwick or 15 years in the Ohio and you’ll be loving this cheesy harmony in no time.

  3. missheather on Sun, 12th Jul 2009 5:19 pm
  4. Your love of “crazy, silly, mindless, colorful” events comes through in these photographs! Truth be told it was hard to choose among the number of pix you sent me. I went with the ones featuring people as I think your knack for portraiture is particularly strong.

    As for Williamsburg Walks— I’m all for it. I simply prefer to spend my free time away from activities involving large numbers of people, e.g.; taking walks, lazing away reading a book, etc. I like quiet. That’s my choice— and I have the presence of mind to know this isn’t for everyone. 😉

  5. Monika on Mon, 13th Jul 2009 6:43 am
  6. Hi Miss Heather,

    The photo of the table and dress shoes is part of a bigger story…

    My boyfriend and I strolled Bedford Avenue around 3-4 pm on Saturday and noticed the table and shoes but also noticed an older gentleman drifting back and forth across the street, hassling the band that was playing near North 6th. After a few minutes, the older man proceeded to go to the up-ended table and grab one of the dress shoes. He hurled it at the band, hitting a member of the audience — a young 20-something “hipster” male. The older man smiled and went to the sidewalk; the young guy took the shoe and went after him.

    The young guy approached the older man and karate-kicked him in the stomach and rammed his head against an ATM machine. At that point, on-lookers became concerned and started yelling for them to stop. The young man threw the old guy down and started punching him over and over. On-lookers stepped in at this point, pulling the guy off and shouting. While the shoe-thrower certainly “started it,” I think the young hipster dude was totally over the top — looked like he was going to kill this guy! I mean, yes, he was hit by a shoe — but come on. His response made him look like an out of control idiot — as bad as the shoe-thrower. This was an older guy who obviously was “out of it.” The thing to have done was threaten to call the police and if that didn’t work, call them. Not bash the guy’s brains in.

    I wonder if you have any further information about this incident, and if anything else happened after this. (We left shortly after they were pulled apart.)


  7. Queen TEE on Tue, 14th Jul 2009 2:06 pm
  8. So this is what it looks like when you do not have to pay your own rent? What is this, a street fair for narcissism? By the way, we are in 2 wars and depression. This is probably why other countries hate us so much. The photos themselves are nice, but not the people in them.

  9. willyB on Mon, 20th Jul 2009 1:19 pm
  10. We had a great time at the WGA + creative thriftshop block on July 11th… . you have some photos of it on this post. I thought it was a great day in the neighborhood, we got to destroy a piano, listen to this crazy guy read some poetry on the street, eat ice-cream and the kids made art all day. It was fun, it was cheap, and it was totally low-key, we loved it. please do this every summer!

    (and yes I am a native New Yorker 5 generations!)

    check this website for more video and images:

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