From The CB1 Yahoo Group: What’s Up At 236 North 10 Street?

When I found this item in my daily summary of the unofficial Community Board 1 Yahoo group today I simply has to pass it along here. M writes:

This was in my inbox this morning, and have taken the liberty to repost it here. For those of who walk to the L on Roebling, you’ve likely noticed the blocked off sidewalk on the south side of the street between North 9 and North 10. For at least two years, a construction fence has enclosed the sidewalk at this location. It presents an especially unsafe condition when there are trucks
loading and blocking the sidewalk at the feather warehouse across the street. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the street to pass this block. From what I can tell, there seems to be no movement to develop the lot in question, so I am unclear how long this unsafe condition will exist or why it was created in the first place. I inquired about this to our councilmember Steven Levin, and was informed by his community liaison that I (and many others) should file complaints to 311.  That’s where you come into play.

Follows is a reply from a chap named Hunter. Please give it a read as he gives some excellent advice and appears to have volunteered to be a point person regarding this problematic property.

Filing a complaint to 311 takes about three minutes and can be achieved online (which is simpler than calling, in my opinion). Here are the steps: I’ve created this link to skip a few steps for you. From there you can select “sidewalk blocked by construction” and insert (or modify) the following description: “a construction fence has enclosed more than half the sidewalk on Roebling. It is impossible to walk on this side of the street without walking in the street. There is a warehouse and loading dock opposite the site on Roebling, and large trucks often block the sidewalk. It is impossible to walk on this section of Roebling without entering the busy street. It’s very unsafe.

The site address is 236 North 10th Street. From there you record your name (which is not required) and your email
address. The most important detail is to keep track of your service request number. Please send it to me, and I will share it with Levin’s staff. The more complaints they receive, the more likely they are to address the unsafe condition. If possible, please do so in the next few days because I plan to follow up with Levin next week.



I myself have seen men entering and exiting this property through the various holes in the fence on a number of occasions. I seriously doubt these gentleman can possibly be up to any good. I also fear this site (given the presence of a number of derelict automobiles) is being used as a place to dispose of hazardous materials (as if the ‘Burgh needs more toxic stuff underfoot). If you too have seen this kind or any other kind of suspicious activity, object to the deplorable state of this lot or simply take issue with the manifold safety issues this unsecured property presents please call 311 and contact Hunter at: hfa99 (at) hotmail (dot) com


Miss Heather

Photo Credits: Miss Heather & Miss Mousey Brown. You can see her Flickr set documenting this eyesore by clicking here.


5 Comments on From The CB1 Yahoo Group: What’s Up At 236 North 10 Street?

  1. dog owner on Wed, 26th May 2010 2:12 pm
  2. i ride my bike past that lot every day, i notice it is always there is an orthodox gentleman who will open the gate in the morning and let in a school bus or two.

  3. missheather on Wed, 26th May 2010 2:16 pm
  4. What I have seen are two very NON-Orthodox looking gentlemen gaining entrance to this lot via that ginormous whole in the fence. They look too well dressed to be homeless. WTF?

  5. dog owner on Wed, 26th May 2010 3:32 pm
  6. Williamsburg’s answer to Pumps with a little Mad Max decor?

  7. missheather on Wed, 26th May 2010 3:38 pm
  8. I can only hope they too employ a shower curtain to cordon off the “lap dance” area.

  9. no no on Wed, 26th May 2010 9:09 pm
  10. Maybe T-Quick auto body that has helped themselves to the lot to dump trucks, and to work on vehicles there should pitch in to remediate the fence issue. Maybe the DOT would want to know that two “hot” generators of theirs are outside the lot to provide power for Tony to work on his trucks. Maybe the power-washer they use to clean the vehicles with water from the fire hydrant should be on a meter. Maybe the city should force the property owner to DEAL with their real estate castoffs in a responsible manner, before a pedestrian is killed because there is NO SIDEWALK. Pathetic. Thank you, Blightburg. Your DOB is the tops! Your DOT is asleep. Great job, you piece of crap. I am going to build a log cabin on the site, and see how many years it takes someone to notice.

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