Spotted On North 5 Street: A Question

When I spied this solicitation I felt it was passing along here as it is a reminder that storing one’s bicycle in his/her apartment building will not prevent it form being stolen. Not only is this practice common, but the 94th Precinct is registering bicycles so in the event they are stolen (and recovered) they can be returned to their rightful owners. This service is totally free. You can make an appointment with Officer Moulterie (who is spearheading this project) by calling (718) 383 – 3879. Do it!

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  1. rheingold on Thu, 1st Jul 2010 8:22 pm
  2. This has got to be a prank. It’s tough to believe there’s anyone this clueless running around, not even in Northside Williamsburg. In case there is, we might want to warn against suddenly confronting a thief to “kick them off the bike and email me”. Texting while dealing with the distraction of starting a street fight with a criminal is not recommended. Oh Partyowl, the moral of this story is to not be such a silly goose next time.

  3. Rebecca11222 on Sat, 3rd Jul 2010 10:13 am
  4. 1) If you have a bike in Greenpoint/ Williamsburg, and you don’t keep it in your apartment, expect to be the victim of theft at least once per year. Lock or no.

    2)I know that building and have encountered some of its occupants over the years when I try to walk past. “Parents” watch and say nothing as their young children throw snaps from the “porch” AT passersby who are walking on the narrow sidewalk in front of the building. This treat is not reserved for only July 4. So Partyowl, your neighbors demonstrate signs of stupidity and/or a personality disorder. Watch your back.

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