BARCmates: Justina And Provenzana

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Meet Miss Justina.

This lovely (and very petite) 1 1/2 year old tabby has a lot of attitude— and sweetness. I learned this while interviewing her.

Miss Heather: What’s your name?
Justina: Can’t you read the godd*mned card on my cage?
Miss Heather: Justina, right?
Justina: Call me what you want, I want outta of this dump. No offense to the nice people at BARC— they’ve been really good to me— but this is not the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to. I have needs.
Miss Heather: A forever home with people who will love and respect you?
Justina: Yes, exactly. Will you please rub my head now? (I did.)

Then I checked in on Justina’s neighbor, Provenzana.

Justina didn’t take too well to relinquishing the spotlight to Provenzana.

In fact, she took a couple of swipes Provenzana’s direction, but one glance from Provenzana was all it took to make Justina settle down.

Miss Heather: So what’s up with you?
Provenzana: I care not to talk about my personal affairs. I live at BARC under the feline witness protection program.
Miss Heather: Racketeering?
Provenzana: No, mouseketeering. Tony Pro sent me to shake down some particularly vexatious mice in Union City and I didn’t find my way home.
Miss Heather: That’s why you ended up in Williamsburg?
Provenzana: Yeah, more or less. I ain’t saying anything more without an attorney present.

In all seriousness, Justina and Provenzana are two (of the many) very cool cats needing homes at BARC. If you want sweet Provenzana is the best. If you’re looking for spicy, check out Justina.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Adoption hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Oh, if you adopt Provenzana please keep her identity anonymous(e).

Miss Heather

P.S.: Katie Gastley is donating half the profits from her show, Animalia, to BARC.

Check it out!

Pillow Cafe
505 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205


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