From The New York Shitty Inbox: Another Party At 66 North 1 Street?

August 22, 2010 by
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Night before last I could not for the life of me fall— and STAY— asleep. I attribute the latter to our furkid, Jerzy. He has recently decided that the wee hours of the morning are “play time”. All I am going to say it’s a damned good thing the little fella is cute. Sadly , the same cannot be said about the following batch of night owls. M writes:

dear miss heather

thank you for your help last time, i appreciate it. it is 1:47 a.m. and there is another party in the same unrented condo building at 66 North 1st street.  this time people are inside all the unrented apartments, some have red lights on, and there are people on the roof ( last time it was just the courtyard)  i called the police and they said they already had complaints and a car was on the way but they said this last time and nothing happened until 8 am.  i am praying this is not a repeat. 

i went over and the people were not at all friendly and one of them said “this is dumbo” (!!! —Ed. Note) so they are also geographically challenged.  i told them i had called the police and this made them a little nervous but they have not turned the music down.

i have no idea who is throwing the party, but i think it’s a security guard on the take.  i think the developer must not have taken the complaints seriously last time.  the crowd is younger and more mixed this time, including a lot of Hispanic teenagers, a very different crowd than last time.  no boas were spotted.

Now jump forward to this morning. A photograph of said festivities was awaiting my delectation.

Another anonymous tipster writes:

I’m sure people who are buying these condos would love to know people have been partying in them first.

Indeed! I wonder what’s next for this— Williamsburg’s most swingingest nondo— a casino, perhaps? If any of you, dear readers, can think of other more compelling alternative uses for this repurposed piece of residential property please share them via the comments. The best submission will win a (to be determined) prize.

Miss Heather


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