Fedders Friday: Wafertecture Fit For A King!

Yesterday I expounded upon the phenomenon known as “crapification“. Today, in the spirit of Fedders Friday I will throw out a new piece of D-list real estate terminology for your delectation: wafertecture.

Wafertecture (waf’-er-tek’-cher) n. An architectural style commonly employed in the outer boroughs of New York City. Primary distinguishing characteristics include a strong resemblance to a vanilla wafer.

This stylistic genre first caught my eye in Bed-Stuy. Initially I thought it was merely an isolated incident accident. It wasn’t, as I learned on Siegel Street recently.

You can almost taste the rich vanilla goodness from a block away. Yummy.

This slab of sugar looks good enough to eat! I sure hope there isn’t an evil witch lying in wait inside.

Come to think of it, those Fedders boxes have made me lose my appetite. The gratuitous keystones only add to my aesthetic dyspepsia.

But I who am I to judge? These homes are fit for a king! As my husband noted, these lovely four family homes reference the Tudor style— as in two doors rammed together.

Looks like Hansel (or Gretel) escaped!

Miss Heather

P.S.: This piece of shit goes out to Queens Crap.


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