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Your eyes are not deceiving you. You can read the whole gruesome story by clicking here. A few thoughts/observations:


  1. As it would happen, I know where this grisly find was made: North 10 Street between Wythe and Kent Avenue. The above photo was taken June 24th. You can see the Wythe Hotel in the background. It appears to be a homeless encampment and it has been here for some time. (Think: at least a month.) When one thinks about it, that makes this despicable act even more despicable: in addition to animal cruelty, the miscreant responsible for this had to leave his (?) “gift” in someone’s “home”. Being homeless is bad enough in and of itself. Really folks.
  2. Where these alligator parts were found is very close to the Bushwick Inlet Park Soccer Field. Where, some of you might recall, someone saw fit to hang the body of a dead cat to the goal post recently.

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Is this the handiwork of the same person? Whose to say? Personally, I hope it is because the thought of two people engaging in this kind of behavior makes my blood boil. In any case it is sick as hell and I hope the authorities catch the person(s) responsible.


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