The Credulity Files: As Gleaned From Craigslist & The North Brooklyn Community Group

October 25, 2013 by
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If there is one thing yours truly really loves, it is a really good prank. Especially one that makes light of how ridiculous the monetization of our parks has become. CASE IN POINT: the response this solicitation (albeit updated) received on the North Brooklyn Community Group on Facebook.

NBCCG String

New York Shitty Analysis:

  • At a very casual glance I fell for this. After all, I have been suggested to “like” Motherburg,,,



  • and I no longer rule out any event as being so ridiculous or totally irrelevant to the community here if it is “artsy”. Or more importantly: garners revenue.
  • By all appearances it would appear other people hereabouts harbor the same mindset. Rather sad, isn’t it?
  • Nonetheless, we harbor it for a reason. Our community’s parks, as few as they are, are being disproportionately monetized for events which cater to people— lots of people— who reside outside the community. More specifically their: capacious wallets. What do we, as citizens, get out of this arrangement? Not much as far as I can tell.
  • In any case props go out to Joe Lentol for actually looking into this. This is what a public servant should do!


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