Now For Sale In Greenpoint: Orient Apple Vodka

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When I saw the above item gracing the window of our numerous liquor stores (Dunne’s Polemost Liquor methinks) I paused. It seemed inexplicably familiar to me. Then it hit me. This is virtually identical to a product Absolut created in “collaboration” with Spike Lee: Absolut Brooklyn. Some of the more seasoned readers of New York Shitty might recall there was some controversy about its sponsorship of Brooklyn Blogfest V— and offering freebies/cheapies in exchange for editorial content on Brooklyn blogs. But the past is just that—- the past. What I, a woman who lives in a community with PLENTY of vodka choices, wanted to know was this:

What’s the fucking difference?

After some research I found the answer!

Absolut Brooklyn is vodka made with “red apple and ginger flavor”. So there!

Photo Credits: The close-up of Absolut Brooklyn comes courtesy of which regurgitates the following bit of ad copy:

“its flavor evokes the spice and vibrancy Brooklyn brings to the big apple”

Provided they’re red apples, of course.


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