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January 16, 2014 ·
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From Tompkins Avenue.

The Word On The Street, Part II: Special Bedford Stuyvesant Edition

November 5, 2013 ·
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953 Bedford Avenue

Bill Murray Welcome

If Bill Murray is listening out there, there’s a residence on Bedford Avenue with your name on it…

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Graveyard

October 30, 2013 ·
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Taken by thoth1618.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: Calling All D*ckheads!

Pee Spot For Dickheads

If this missive (which graces 203 Clifton Place) is to be believed, there’s a special pee spot just for you!

Pee Spot For Dickheads 2

Just follow your nose next door to 207.

Pee Spot

Go get ’em tigers!

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Spotted in Astoria: Steve Levin

September 15, 2013 ·
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Astoria for Levin and Ciafone

Re-elect Levin IN ASTORIA

The primary might be over, but the mysteries and vestiges remain. Like these posters on Broadway in Astoria, Queens the Mister and I spied this weekend, for example. Why are they here?


New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: 31st Street

June 29, 2013 ·
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I am not an Astoria resident, much less a constituent of  Ms. Simotasas. However, on July 2nd and July second only, that might have to change.

Racks. That’s pretty gnarly. I would even go so far to say it makes “Hooters” seem classy by comparison. So it goes.

In closing I would like to propose the following:

  1. a group of Williamsburg and Greenpoint residents be assembled
  2. said group attends this hearing
  3. at this convocation this group proposes that exchange for “Racks” we will give them 3-4 of our more problematic “eating and drinking establishments”

This is a fair trade if you ask me. Pervs in exchange for public pissers and pukers. Anyone care to get the ball rolling and suggest an establishment or two we can re-gift to our comrades in Queens?

UPDATE: Naturally I had to brig this choice item to the attention of my colleague in Queens. Here’s Crappy’s take:

It’s not steps away from anything. It’s in an industrial area. She’s full of crap. And Astoria people aren’t going to Harlem to testify about anything. Not to mention this is illegally posted on public property.

You can (and should) read these posts authored by Queens Crap about this situation by clicking here and here. You see, it would appear that the real interests being protected here are those of a developer who has a stalled “mixed use” development nearby. I know. Shocking.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: One Of Our Own


A fellow named Todd writes:

Have you seen this?

No, I had not. However, being one who takes the issue of bicyclist/pedestrian safety— and traffic enforcement— quite seriously, I contacted the folks at Permanent records to find out what happened. A very kind fellow named Matthew wrote me back. here’s what he had to say:

Hi Heather… thanks for getting in touch.  I’m a little hesitant to divulge too many of the specifics right now… Meg is recovering from surgery and I don’t want to inadvertently give more details than she is comfortable with.  The accident happened south of Greenpoint on her way up (I believe) Classon, and she was essentially knocked off her bike and then run over by a truck.  Her injuries will likely have her immobile for some time, but all things considered, we’re extremely grateful things aren’t worse.

I’d be thrilled if you’d be willing to share this story and help out our cause here.  You can also let people know that some friends of the shop have already donated some goods, including rare and out of print records, and we’re gonna set up some sort of auction or raffle fundraiser for them… we’ll have those details soon.  And if you’d like more specific details on the actual accident, once Meg is up for it, I’ll put you two in touch and she can get them all to you.

As you can imagine Meg has a big road ahead of her. I suspect I speak on the behalf of everyone reading this tome when I write that I hope she makes a full recovery. Those of you who wish to make a donation so as to help with Meg’s medical expenses can do so via Paypal or by dropping off money, checks and donations for the auction at Permanent Records:

Permanent Records
181 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Otherwise I’ll post updates, including the details regarding the auction/fundraiser, as I receive them. Stay safe out there folks!

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Sartorial

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Taken by Charles Le Brigand.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: Eyes On The Street

February 12, 2013 ·
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Taken February 10, 2013.

The Word On The Street, Part I: Dekalb Avenue

February 12, 2013 ·
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Taken February 10, 2013.

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